-The Devil Who Loved Me

Must Read: The Devil Who Loved Me… Part 19

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How Jafar was going to rescue me from the poo I put myself was beyond comprehension.

Maybe I should have just allowed that silly Volvo follow me around. Thoughts of Timi filtered into my brain.

I wondered if I wouldn’t see him again, I wondered if I wouldn’t be able to run my fingers through his hair as he slept, hold him again. I thought about Abayomi, he would have been worried shitless now.

Toun sat upright on the chair she was strapped on, if you didn’t look clearly, you would think she was conducting an interview. I was beginning to think there was something more to this SUG than met the eyes.

Skanty brought oatmeal for us at lunch, I had decided his brain also had Melanie problem but I kept that to myself.

He came in shirtless, never seen an albino with six-packs before, he had a good physique.

Skanty: No news from your people yet

Me: You will hear from them soon

Skanty: we cant keep feeding you guys here o, make una answer us fast

Toun: you are not a student of our school

Skanty: yes na

Toun: which school?

Skanty: don’t bother yourself with that..

He said this exposing those horrible teeth.

I must have slept off because I woke up to the sound of a car. I so hoped it was the police or somebody that came for us. If I was free again, I was going to look for Timi and tell him how I felt. I loved Timi.

The silence that came afterwards was very depressing. It must have been one of them.

Toun: you thought someone had come for us?

Me: yes

Toun: me too

I noticed she was trying to stay calm, but tears were flowing down her face.

Toun: I have to call Abayomi myself, he has to step-down

Me: I just nodded I wondered what the guarantee was that they wouldn’t do away with us even if Abayomi stepped down.

I heard somewhere that if Kidnappers didn’t cover their faces when you are kidnapped then its most likely that you will be killed.

Me: Toun I love you.

Toun: I love you too

This time it was Skanty’s voice that woke us up.

He came in with the other guys that kidnapped us. They swept the dirts around us, the stench of the urine was reduced by the water they poured on it.

It was getting dark, I wanted to ask why they were cleaning the area up, but I kept quiet.

I looked at Toun, wanted to remind her about speaking to Abayomi, but she was asleep.

Then the most remarkable thing happened after they finished cleaning.

A familiar person walked into the compartment.

Jafar: time to go home ladies…

I was so happy, I wanted to run and hug him but I realized I was strapped.

Toun had problems walking, after being in sitting position all that time.

Jafar carried her, her head rested on his chest as he led us out of the uncompleted building.

Jafar: I brought fried chicken and Krest

I didn’t answer him, I had a couple of questions to ask him but I didn’t. like how did he find us?

Instead I looked for his hands with mine, and held on to it as we walked out.

Skanty looked at us with a smile, I was sure our unclothedness was in his head.

Toun: thank you Abayomi…

She muttered with eyes closed..

I wanted to correct her that it wasn’t her Abayomi that was carrying her. It was My Jafar.

He placed Toun on the back seat , as she started regaining her senses.

Toun: who are you?

Jafar: Jafar

Toun: oh

Jafar: happy to finally meet you, Abayomi will be waiting for you

Toun: thank you

Me: awww the poor boy

Jafar: I am sure Timi is waiting for you too..

I smiled.

Skanty followed outside, and only went back when we started to leave.

Me: who are they?

Jafar: they are mercenaries

Me: I don’t get

Jafar: they are guys that are brought in from other schools to carry out operations that people from that school wouldn’t be able to carry out themselves

Me: do they like….rape and kill…?

Jafar: most times its about just guys and yes… they kill.

It was dark and he still drove with speed.

Me: so who sent them and how did you know who got us and how did you get us out?

Jafar: someone that doesn’t want Abayomi to be president. Asking the right people around, we found out the people that abducted you and brought enough money to trump that which was given to them by their client.

I begged the Albino to accept the money, he laughed at my face a couple of times.

Me: those ugly teeth

Jafar: yeah..

Me: how much?

Jafar: You wan pay?

me: awww, so you had to use your money to get us out?

Jafar: yes, temporarily..

After a while, of driving I saw a car infront flash its lights.. he flashed back in return.. the Volvo parked beside his benz.

The driver stuck out his head..

Uche: howfar?

Jafar: cool…same premises, they might leave in the morning bring back my brown envelope and the Albino..

Uche: what of the remaining guys?

I recognized the remaining guys in the Volvo, the same guys that handicapped Acho..

Jafar: just the Albino..


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