-Transformation Of A Lesb!An (18+)

Story Story: Transformation Of A Lesb!An (18+)… Part 9

A story written by Missy Erotica

After that, Franca could not remember any concrete thing only the pleasure and the girls doing all sorts of S#xual act in different positions imaginable. Pussies and asses were F***ed with different objects and Franca positively remembered one of the girls being dared to F**K a 35cl coke bottle which she gladly did by sitting on it to the hilt. The drug was really at work. They were at it for hours on end and finally fell asleep in a tangled heap.
Franca looked at the other girls sprawled about in abandon and smiled at herself, rubbing her still itching Kittycat and was glad they still had two days of debauchery left to spend before going back to school. she loved her new life.

That was how Franca was introduced to and fell in love with girl-girl s*x. She became so hardcore that it became an open secret in the school. Even the teachers became aware of her proclivities but could do nothing about it as it did not affect her studies so there was nothing they could hinge their disapproval on. She sort of took over the Butch position when Nike left secondary school and became the dominant female of the group. She succeeded in luring many other young girls into her group just as she was lured. Introducing girls into the joys of lesbianism and even became more butch than Nike, her mentor.
She finished secondary school and got admitted into the university and because like always attracts like, she once again found her niche in the community of the campus lesbians and gladly jumped into it. Girls like her were in abundance and she was never lacking of any S#xual partner.
?That was Franca’s life. getting S#xual partners was not a problem even when she left University and got a well paying job with a pharmaceutical firm in Lagos. She always found or was found by girls like her. She was so into lesbianism that she couldn’t abide being touched by the opposite s*x. She talked to men, had casual male friends but drew the line there, turning down the amorous overtures of many guys that she became looked upon as a prude, a frigid woman, a cold fish. men called her “the ice princess” behind her back.
She had a group of girlfriends she always met up with once a month. They clubbed on such weekends and always ended up with an orgy of tangled female bodies. The orgies were usually filled with alcohol, drugs and s*x, where they ended up with Kittycat and Buttocks filled with strap-ons or dildoes.
one fateful weekend, Franca drop to the club as usual to meet up with her friends. On stepping to the dark entrance of the club, she felt arms grab her from behind and something cold and musky smelling pressed to her nose, she felt drowsy and fainted.

To Be Continued…

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