-Transformation Of A Lesb!An (18+)

Story Story: Transformation Of A Lesb!An (18+)… Part 8

A story written by Missy Erotica

That mid-term break marked a turning point in Franca’s indoctrination into the lesbian world and her experiences. The house was all theirs to play in and they could be as noisy and as rowdy as they wanted as the nearest house to Nike’s was quite some distance away. In fact, at a point, Franca had the nagging thought at the back of her mind that if she should die of pleasure, no one outside the house would be any wiser. Anyways, she shrugged off the thought and immersed herself in the pleasure and the S#xual satisfaction she was experiencing.
Franca was the Bella dona of the occasion as the other girls made sure she was pleasured in all ways imaginable. She was either enjoying a tongue on her Kittycat, Bosom or mouth or having a dildo shoved deep in her Kittycat and Buttocks, sometimes both at the same time.
?one highlight of the weekend was on Sunday morning when she woke among a tangle of bodies from the previous nights raunchy s*x session. She was groggy as the night before had been spiced up with weed and alcohol and an aphrodisiac Franca did not know the name of. She only knew that it make her much more sexually alive and responsive. Nike had spiked their drinks with just a tiny drop but that was enough to make the girls lose all inhibitions (as if they had any in the first place). All the nerve endings in her body tingled as if someone or something was flowing through her veins. she didnt know how it happenend but the next thing she knew was that she had Sandras mammoth Bosom in her mouth, sucking away for all she was worth an a hand in her Kittycat fingering herself, trying to remove the itch that was unrelentingly invading her body. Suddenly, she felt someone jerk her hand away from her Kittycat and a hot tongue replaced it. She moaned in pleasure as that was exactly what she wanted. The tongue licked and lapped off the copious amount of Kittycat juice that was gushing out of her supper hot Kittycat with abandon. Franca pushed back at the tongue wanting it to explore all the hidden crevices of her Kittycat. The tongue obliged and started tongue Bleeping her, alternating between licking and sucking her clit which had by now stood stiff and was protruding like a miniature Joystick. The feeling was exquisite and she didnt want it to stop as she continued sucking on Sandras Bosom. Each time she moaned from the pleasure in her Kittycat and made to remove her mouth, Sandra would push her mouth back onto her Bosom and also purr like a kitten. Unknown to Franca, Sandra was being F***ed by a two prong dildo strap-on. Her Buttocks and Kittycat were being pounded by Nike who wore the strap on. The feeling from Franca sucking her Bosom coupled with the Buttocks and Kittycat Bleeping was making Sandra to buck and shake uncontrollably as her body was wracked by orgasm after orgasm.
?meanwhile, the tongue in Franca’s Kittycat was still doing havoc to her body, taking her very close to orgasm as her body kept perspiring and producing Kittycat juice which was hungrily lapped up. Franca was so close to climaxing when the tongue abruptly pulled away and her Kittycat was bereft of the feelings cursing through her. She moaned in protest but was answered with a laugh as she felt a rabbit tease her clit with mechanical energy. it was a new feeling as she had never been pleasured by a vibrator before. She screamed from the excitement abandoning herself to the new pleasure. In no time she started shaking again as she was hit by one massive climax, much bigger than any she had ever experienced. The vib didnt stop and she continued coming until she could no longer bear the pleaure and fainted.
?She was awakened moments afterwards in what could not have been more than 15 seconds after her faint by an invasion in her Kittycat. She opened her eyes and there was Nike leaning over her with one big naughty grin, her legs spread wide and two dildos being pushed into her Kittycat and Buttocks. The dildo invading her Kittycat was huge, thick and not very long but quite thick and with spikes all over the surface. She struggled to get loose though she was weak from the climax she had just experienced but the girls holding her legs just laughed at her and told her to let go. She felt the spikes would hurt her insides but surprisingly they didn’t and only added to the pleasure as Nike shoved the monster into her young tight Kittycat. The spikes tickled her Kittycat lining, retracting and then extending as Nike pushed the thing in and out of her body. In no time at all, Franca started shouting, moaning and groaning as lust took over her body. Sensations she never knew existed took over and her body became jelly. it felt like she was floating outside her body and watching it quiver and strain from the pleasure. Franca had orgasm after orgasm, begging Nike not to stop, then begging her to stop and in another breathe again begging her not to stop. The hands holding her legs wide open had by now released her and she was surprised to note that she was the one holding it open herself, wanting the dildo as deep inside her as possible while the other girls were involved with each other in different S#xual positions.

To Be Continued..,

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