-Transformation Of A Lesb!An (18+)

Story Story: Transformation Of A Lesb!An (18+)… Part 7

A story written by Missy Erotica

Suddenly, she was free and alone as the hands and mouth left her body. But she was still in pleasure land and it took her close to a minute to realise that she was the owner of her body again, but by then, she had been flipped over onto her hands and knees and her face pushed down into the rug. She felt hands on her waist gripping her tightly as she was roughly jerked backwards and felt a big invasion of her body. She screamed in pain as she realised that the massive dildo Nike was wearing was buried deep in her Kittycat. She tried to scramble forward, to escape the invasion but it was already too late as the monster was buried in her to the hilt. She started crying as Nike started moving back and forth, bringing out the dildo till it was almost all out and then shoving it back in to the hilt again. Franca’s cries increased to screams as the pain increased but the other girls just laughed and one brought out a paddle and started hitting her butts with it. Each time Nike shoved the dildo in Franca’s Kittycat, the paddle would descend on her butt until i


t became rhythmical.

Franca became out of breathe and noticed that her screams had changed to moans and she was even pushing back at the dildo inside her! She began begging for more and asked to be spanked harder. The other girls laughed uproaringly and Franca faintly heard one say “I told you so”. Franca was in a heaven she didn’t know existed. The dildo being used on her was much bigger than any Nike had ever used on her or she had ever used on herself. She loved the full feeling and pushed back, approaching orgasm. Her butts ache but it was also pleasurable. As she was lost in the pleasure, she felt someone grab her head and say “suck” only to open her eyes to see a bald Kittycat spread inches from her mouth like a picnic table. She didn’t hesitate as she licked and sucked the Kittycat as if her life depended on it. She was lost in Pour as her body exploded in Pour after Pour and she kept groaning into the Kittycat she was milking. Soon she felt Kittycat juices flood her mouth and she gobbled it up, licking and sucking, and trying not to let any escape. Soon there was nothing to lick and the owner of the Kittycat stood up.

?Nike stopped the assault on Franca’s Kittycat and withdrew the Pour soaked dildo but Franca was still shaking, still cumming. It was as if it would never end. It was a sight to behold. Franca face down, her Buttocks in the air, Kittycat gaping wide open spewing Pour that was dripping down her thigh. One of the girls quickly got behind Franca and started lapping up the Pour that was flowing

from her Kittycat throwing Franca into another orgasm. Finally, she subsided and just lay there on the rug, tired but well satisfied.

“one more thing Franca, then you will finally truly become one of us” Nike said.

“Wh,wha aat?’’ stammered Franca

“’You’ll see” Nike answered mysteriously, removing the strap on dildo and replacing it with a smaller one. She got up and walked behind Franca, raising her waist again and pushing her head down. Franca was once more on her knees with Kittycat gapping open and head on the carpet. She felt cold air on her Kittycat and her body tingled in anticipation as she thought she was once again going to get attention on her Kittycat. However, she felt something warm and slippery on her butts as if oil was being rubbed on her body. “Relax and you’ll enjoy it’’ she heard Nike say as she shoved first a finger in her anus and rubbed it back and forth. She suddenly suspected what was coming as she felt the head of the dildo on her butt hole. ‘’No please, no not there’’ Franca protested, trying to wriggle free but she was held firmly down by the other girls as Nike started pushing the dildo head into her Buttocks little by little until it got to the sphincter muscle. ‘’Relax.. you will enjoy it after the initial discomfort’’ Franca heard someone say. She knew she had no choice and could not escape even if she wanted to, which she didn’t. so she did as instructed as tried to relax her butt muscles. It wasn’t easy as it was painful but a few minutes later, she felt Nike push forward and breach her sphincter muscle. She screamed out from the pain of the intrusion. Nike stopped for a few seconds and then started pushing back and forth, back and forth. Then Franca felt hands roaming her body and lips on her Tips. The pleasure started building again and she felt warm sweetness envelop her Buttocks as the pain in there had changed to pleasure. Suddenly, she felt another dildo in her body and she became totally lost in the pleasure enveloping her body. It felt like there were two sausages in her body as the dildo in her Kittycat and Buttocks started moving counter clockwise, as one moved out, the other moved in and it was the most pleasurable feeling she had ever experienced coupled with the hands and lips on her body.

Franca totally surrendered her body to the pleasure ravaging it. There was nothing she could do against it. In fact she didn’t want to do anything about it, didn’t want it to stop, it was just too sweet. She moaned, groaned, screamed pushed back, begged for more and more and the girls obliged her as they kept changing position until her body could no longer bear the pleasure and she fainted.

To Be Continued…

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