-Transformation Of A Lesb!An (18+)

Story Story: Transformation Of A Lesb!An (18+)… Part 5

A story written by Missy Erotica

Nike was amazed at the ferocity being exhibited by the new lesbian. Hmmmm she thought to herself, I was right about her all along. She is one Joystick loving B***h and I’m going to enjoy teaching her all the pleasures of the bedroom. Nike sucked harder on Francas taut Tips causing her to bump and grind unto Nikes thrusting hips. She was in heaven, a world of pleasure hitherto never explored. Franca was lost in a haze of pleasure as she thought it was unbelievably, true to Nike’s prediction the mixture of pleasure and pain soon became lost in a gigantic orgasmic cauldron that roiled hotter and hotter by the second! When it became apparent that she wouldn’t scream, Nike removed her arm only to have Franca beg, “Oh, please, h-harder, F**K me harder!!!” A broad smile spread over Nike’s face and she whispered, “my little baby is going to have a big one, no!?!” Franca attempted to answer, but it was too late. At that very moment her cunt collapsed around the invading monster while a climax of unreal dimensions slammed into her cunt like a guided missle!!! “I-I’mmmm Bleeping cummmmmmming,” she finally managed to moan, “so Bleeping hard!!!” her Kittycat gushed Kittycat juice in large quantity as she was sent to cloud nine and back, heaving on her back and almost throwing Nike off her back.

Then it was over. The two of them lay together for a long time with the huge dildo still buried deep in Franca’s over heated cunt! “I’m absolutely shell shocked,” Franca sighed while caressing one of Nike’s small breasts, “that was just incredible!!!” Nike kissed the now satiated girl on the cheek and replied softly, “And remember, we still have time on our hands!” “Mmmmmm, yes,” Nike sighed.

To Be Continued…

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