-Transformation Of A Lesb!An (18+)

Story Story: Transformation Of A Lesb!An (18+)… Part 16

A story written by Missy Erotica

“That’s too Bleeping bad,” he hissed crudely, “because I’m not gonna stop screwing you until I shoot my rocks off, B***h. And I don’t give a Sh*t what the hell happens to you.”
He bucked and jerked in an effort to fill her cunt to the brim with his rock-hard prick.
Franca felt his Joystick-knob throbbing against her cervis
“It hurts!” she shouted.
But he paid her no mind. He rammed his Joystick hard and fast into her hot, wet slurpy cunt and she felt him touching her womb. The pain was so intense that she could not even scream. Her muscles tensed and she shuddered, but Eddie did not stop Bleeping her for a second.
“Yeah, you prick-teaser,” he taunted.
“I just rook your Bleeping cherry, B***h, even if you had already lost it to an artificial Joystick!” Grasping her asscheeks, he lurched forward, impaling her on his Joystick.
She could feel his prick ramming and pounding into her cunt, reaming her pussywalls, and forcing her cunt-lips inward. He pulled her asscheeks up to meet his hard cockthrusts.
Franca gulped hard and steeled her nerves. Moreover, she was filled with self-loathing at being raped by such a crude, disgusting man. How could this be happening to her? How would she be able to live with herself after being raped by a man?
His Joystick pulsed inside of her cunt, and, since her Kittycat-muscles were tensed, it fit tightly in her Kittycat. Eddie pounded away, driving his Joystick deep into her gripping, juicy hot cunt. It felt like her cunt was sucking his prick into its damp depths.
She looked into Eddie’s face. He was sweating profusely. He panted loudly each time he ground his hips forward, pumping his lengthy prick into her seething cunt. She was too frightened to complain, and she knew that it wouldn’t do any good anyway. She bit her lip and tried to endure the scaring pain that came from her Kittycat.
?Eddie began to speed up the pace of his Bleeping. He thrashed about on top of the helpless woman, ramming and pounding his hard Joystick deep into her cunt. Then, he swallowed hard and every muscle in his firm body body tightened. He gurgled, made a hissing sound and thrust forward a final time.
“Unngghh!” he groaned. His glazed eyes rolled about in their sockets as he stiffened and shot a heavy load of Pour intoFranca’s cunt.
she whimpered as she felt the hot Pour splashed deep inside her and her subconscious thought “so thats Pour inside me” and prayed that the ordeal was over. But, he plunged forward again, and another wad of Pour spurted out of his Joystick-slit and washed her gripping Kittycat.
He sighed and relaxed, letting his weight rest on her body. Franca was disgusted and angry. She wept and lay still, waiting for Eddie to get up.
“Well, now. How was that for a first F**K?” he whispered as he rolled off of the raped woman. “What did you think of your first real F**K, B***h?”
She kept the truth to herself. It had been horrible and disgusting. But she feared that he might hurt her again, so she kept quiet.
“Well, I guess you’re just too happy for words,” Eddie quipped as he rose and put on his trousers. He laughed long and hard as he stared down at her. “That should teach you, Sl*t! You don’t go around thinking you are better than other girls or that your Kittycat is not made to be F***ed by a real Joystick getting all of the guys hot and horny for your cunt!
With that, Eddie and Sammy strolled towards the door, chuckling and joking and shooting nasty glances at her as they made to depart.

To Be Continued…

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