-Transformation Of A Lesb!An (18+)

Story Story: Transformation Of A Lesb!An (18+)… Part 14

A story written by Missy Erotica

“Hey, the B***h is getting hot,” Eddie said enthusiastically. “Yeah, she digs getting her cunt sucked, She likes girls sucking her but today she will enjoy the pleasures of a male tongue and Joystick! Go for it Sammy! Suck the Sl*t’s Kittycat! Ha! Ha! Almost forty and never been sucked by man!”
“F**K off,” Franca blurted out. “I-I… not getting hot!”
She gasped and stared down at Sammy, whose face was literally buried between her smooth young thighs. The guy was lapping and licking her cunt with obvious enjoyment. His tongue slithered between the juicy folds of her cunt and licked inside her Kittycat channel.
Franca began to perspire freely, and she thrashed about on the carpet whenever the his tongue snaked over her sensitive clit. She realized that Sammy knew exactly what he was doing. She wondered how a guy could be so adept at cunt-sucking and she realized she loved it better than being sucked by a girl, it felt different. To Franca, having her Kittycat sucked by a man seemed like a bizarre and wicked S#xual act. But, she had to admit that the his long tongue felt terrific as it snaked into her cunt and across her clit. No matter what, though, she decided that she would not let on that it felt good to have her Kittycat sucked.
“She likes it, Sammy. Dive into that cunt, my man,” Eddie said as he goaded his friend on. “Yeah, look at the B***h. She’s hot as a Bleeping hornet. Damn!”
“Shut up, you filthy bastard,” she snapped. The look on Eddie’s face changed from one of delight to one of anger. “You’ll be sorry, you Goddamned cunt,” he rasped as he got to his feet and sprinted for the bedside drawer.
Franca heard Sammy making noises as he continued to suck Kittycat. He garbled something incoherent and gasped, then returned to the task of eating her cunt. She knew that he was really enjoying sucking her Kittycat. And, Franca took perverse pleasure in the fact. She had always thought that sucking a girl’s Kittycat was better done by another girl, but perhaps she was wrong. She hunched her hips, slowly hugging his face between her chocolate thighs. Her body began to tremble and quake as, once again, his tongue flicked across her erect clit-nubbin, causing her face to flush with S#xual excitement.
“Oh God,” she moaned, no longer able to contain her emotions.
?As her thighs pressed against his ears, he gripped her cunt-lips between his teeth and deftly pulled her clit out of its cunt-sheath. His wet tongue slipped along the folds of her outstretched Kittycat-lips and came to rest on the tip of her clit.
“Ohhhh,” she gasped, overwhelmed by the incredible, electrifying sensations that coursed through her cunt. The cunt-sucking man stretched her clit to the maximum, then released his oral grip, and her clit fell back into place inside her juicy Kittycat.
She jerked about violently, but Sammy’s mouth somehow stayed glued to her cunt. He covered her cunt-lips and her clit with wet, sucking kisses. She pressed her Buttocks into the carpet and looked into his eyes. They were bulging and streaked with red lines. He looked as though he were going mad!
For a brief instant, she wondered how she had managed to get involved in such a lurid situation. But, at this moment, she really did not care. She was caught in a crazy quilt of strange yearnings, and she could do nothing but submit to the man’s sucking mouth.
His tongue poked out and slithered back into her cunt — deep into her cunt. Again, her Kittycat throbbed and a delicious feeling overtook her as his tongue slipped into her cunt and flicked quickly, but deftly, across her sensitive clit.

To Be Continued…

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