-Transformation Of A Lesb!An (18+)

Story Story: Transformation Of A Lesb!An (18+)… Part 12

A story written by Missy Erotica

“Unnnggghhh! Ohhh, yeah, go for it, B***h!” Eddie groaned and hissed as he rammed his prick inside her mouth. she was thoroughly disgusted with him. He was so crude, and the way in which he spoke to her was repulsive.
All of a sudden, she felt the guy’s body stiffen. He plunged forward a final time, so hard that his balls slapped against her chin.
“I… I-I’m cumming! Aaggghhh!” he shouted as his Joystick-shaft throbbed and his balls tightened. A tiny drop of pre-Pour dripped into her mouth. It tasted slick and salty. Then, his prick felt as though it exploded in her mouth as a thick wad of slippery, hot Pour spurted out of his Joystick-slit and washed down her throat.
God! she thought. How disgusting! Eddie was cumming in her mouth! Her tears were flowing freely now as the cold and brutal reality of having her mouth ravaged by this crude man hit her hard. She had never dreamed that such a horrible thing could happen to her!
After all, she was Franca, the lesbian, the butch, spills Pour in other girls mouths not hers, and not just Pour but a male Pour!!
So how in the world did she ever manage to become involved with these two crude men — rapists like Eddie and Sammy? She searched her mind for the answer to this disturbing question, but she could make no sense of it all.
“Nnnnggghhh. Ummm. Suck it all down, you Lovepeddler,” Eddie commanded. “Swallow all of my Pour down your throat, B***h! Swallow it, or you’ll be sorry!”
?Franca was determined that she would not submit to his lewd and evil command. She had sucked his Joystick and enough was enough! She hated Eddie.
“Unngghh,” he grunted one final time. Then his muscles relaxed, but he kept his softening Joystick embedded in her mouth. “I said for you to swallow my Pour, you asshole,” he hissed.
Turning to face his friend, he instructed coldly, “If she doesn’t start swallowing my Pour in ten seconds, I want you to stuff a whole spoonful of stew up her little cunt, Sammy. Okay?”
“Okay,” came Sammy’s obedient response. He reached for the stew bowl and scooped a spoonful,
Franca quickly nodded her head and began to slurp the guy’s sticky wad of Pour down her throat. As she swallowed the Pour, she felt it coat the inside or her throat. His Pour was thick and creamy. Although she was repelled at being forced to drink his Pour, she knew that she had to do it. The last thing that she wanted was to have her Kittycat stuffed full of stew.
“Yeah, that’s a good B***h,” the boy chortled loudly. “Drink all of my sweet tasting Pour down your throat.”
?She gulped and gulped, swallowing the Pour.
“You did a fine job, cunt,” Eddie said tauntingly. “Yeah, you give a nice blow-job,” he added as he pulled his prick out of her mouth. Then, he grabbed his drooling Joystick with his hand and squeezed his Joystick-tip. A final drop of Pour formed on the end of his prick. He peered at the helpless woman and, with a lewd look on his face, he rubbed the Pour-drop right in her eye. Laughing, he stood up and stared at her.
“Boy, you really are a sight for sore eyes,” he quipped. “Look at her, Sammy.”
Franca was utterly abased. The Pour-drop was rapidly drying on her eyelid, which she blinked to keep it from closing.

To Be Continued…

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