-Man Wey Dey Reason

Story: Man Wey Dey Reason… Part 8

A story written by Flow1759… If you missed part Seven, read it HERE

Night fell gradually.

“make we go Paapa place na” Man said. “who be Paapa?” I inquired. “no worry if we reach there u go know” Man answered the same way he answered when he was asked who Obele was.

The guy called Man, so much loved suspence, it pisses me off. “i no want person wey go cut my p’rick oh, like Obele do oh” i tot. “i go follow una go Paapa place oh, make una wait for me oh” Snoop shouted from outside.

As we were about leaving the house, someone came in. MOG was his name.

“MOG!! MOG!!” we hailed. “God bless you guys” he responded (his usual response when two or more persons greets or cheers him).

MOG!! Aaaaah MOG!!. MOG was a short form for Man of God. He was a junior Pastor in our church. What i loved about him was that he was very prayerful. What i disliked about him was that he loved begging for money from his brethren and even outsiders. If he wanted money from anyone, he would simply preach to the person, and at the end of his preaching he would say; “help the ministry with anything, nothing is too big”. He hardly says “nothing is too small”, because he was wise enough to know that if he said that, he would be given peanuts. If you say he converts the Bible to a gun and uses it to rob people all in the name of “the gospel”, you wouldn’t be far from the truth. He hardly lacked money because “na where man dey work, na there him dey chop”.

“where are u guys going to?” MOG asked. “we dey go buy groundnut and bread wey we go chop” Man told a big fat lie. “u guys should buy for me also, i am very hungry, and am passing the night here” MOG informed.

Or was groundnut and bread the code name of what we were going to do at Paapa’s place? Only time would tell.

“wetin we dey go do for Paapa place?” i asked as we were walking down the street. “we dey go take igboh for there, shebi una dey smoke igboh?” Snoop inquired. “i no dey smoke igboh oh, i no need my brain to die oh, i need am well well oh” Brainbox said. “so we wey dey smoke, our brain go die?” Man queried. “na una sabi na, me i don dey go back house, i think say na food una wan go chop for Paapa place nahim make me follow una” Brainbox said and left. Sure, as an award winning con artist he was, he really needed his brain to always be at alert.

Paapa’s place was really a hideout for weed smokers. Not only that, it was also a joint where u could find several cultist from different cults. “make police no come here come pack all of us oh” i tot as i continued smoking. It was as if Snoop read my mind, he said, “Flow no fear oh, here na Government approved Igboh Joint”.

“Man, something wey be like Ant dey waka for my chest oh, abi na the Tea wey i take?” i whispered to Man as i was puffing from my second Jumbo. “naso Tea dey do na, u no sabi say na ur chest ur heart dey, the Tea dey pump blood comot for ur chest go other part of ur body, na the blood wey go give ur body the strength wey u go use do kponkpon work Tommorow” Man explained.

“How u take know all dis things sef? U be Doctor?” i said to Man. “i be Doctor na, Doctor of kponkpon” he responded.

Just then, Tupac and Bigie came in. I saw from the corner of my eyes that the both of them anchored Snoop. Not a baggas anchor, but a anchor, “so Tupac, Bigie and Snoop be Ave Maria? So dem dey play Egede?”.

I almost joined the black brothers movement when i was in sch. But why i didn’t join was because, guys in that cult were mostly robbers. Some were pilferers, others were pick pockets, while some others had matured to become highway robbers.

But i was sure Tupac, Snoop and Bigie were not robbers, not knowing one of them was already a household name for pilfering.

To Be Continued…

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