-Man Wey Dey Reason

Story: Man Wey Dey Reason… Part 2

A story written by Flow1759… If you missed part One, read it Here

“how we go do am now?” i said as we sat in the room the following day. “i don call PKC, him say make una come stay with am for him house” Tochiba said. “which one be make una come stay with am for him place? U no go follow us go?” Brain box asked Tochiba. “i dey go village go stay oh, because i hear say some people dey build new house for village, so alluminiun contract go dey for me” Tochiba explained. I saw sense in his decision.

PKC was a nice young pastor in our church. His real name was Kelechi, KC for short. So PKC was a short form for Pastor Kelechi. The guy was an easy going guy. He was the kind of person that could take a bullet for his friends, but he loved food so much. The had a “ruminant” stomach. He could eat a bucket full of Eba and still ask for more.

“but guy u no try oh, u for tell us since say ur house rent don dey expire so we for try hustle out money” I said to Tochiba. “i no wan disturb una na, abi na una follow me pay the last one wey i pay? Una dey pursue una sch tins na, una need money for una sch tins na” he responded.

Four day later, Tochiba had already packed his properties to the village that morning.

As i and Brainbox walked from Umunkoto; where we were staying, to Ozommiri; where Pkc was staying with our bags, i was happy i wasn’t going there alone, i was happy i was going with my friend Brain box, not know i would meet alot of very funny friends in Ozommiri.

We got to Pkc’s house on time to meet a full house.

I quickly took a glimpse at the room or rather the hall to notice it was as big as two convention rooms put together. It had two wardrobes and a wallpaper of Jesus was hung on the wall, on the wallpaper was written; “THE LORD IS MY SHEPHARD, I SHALL NOT WANT” boldly.

Though the room was beautiful, the number of guys in the room added to its beauty.

I and Brainbox sat on the floor because there was no space to seat on the bed. “man the food never done?” one of the guys said with a loud voice, “e don dey done” a voice responded from the kitchen. “make e done quick oh, i dey hungry die” i almost said.

It was time for introduction.

“na me dem dey call Baba Jay, i graduate from FUTO, na me be the only guy wey collect award for guiness book of record as the world best mess, my mess fit break concrete” Baba Jay gave a short but precise description of himself. “Baba jay!! Baba jay!! Baba jay!!” the other guys cheered. I and Brainbox laughed at such a funny introduction.

“na me be Tega, the finest boy, fine boy no pimples, i graduate from Nekede Poly, but i never serve” Tega gave a short but sharp introduction of himself. He was indeed fine (dat kin Chris brown type of fine na).

“na me dem dey Call Snoop, i graduate from IMSU, I still dey wait to go serve” Another guy that really looked like Snoop Dogg said. Infact, if he had said Snoop Dogg was his twin brother, i would have believed.

“i am Pkc, the pastor of this house, i graduated from IMSU too, but am currently doing God’s work” Pkc said what i already knew. One thing about Pkc was that even if he was in a gathering where people spoke pigin English, he always stuck to speaking English, and he had his way with English words if i must confess. “Pkc, a.k.a every mountain of Eba must be brought down” Baba Jay added. I and Brainbox laughed uncontrollably because we knew what that meant; Baba jay was trying to tell us what we already knew. Pkc just smiled in response.

“i be Brainbox, the wisest man, i even wise pass Herbert Einstien sef, na why people dey call me Brainbox” Brainbox said and i cheered him.

“na me be Flow, i dey Flow like butterfly and sting like bee” I said. “i get spill over for IMSU” I added.

One thing we all had in common was that we were all Spill over students that were nursing our wounds far from our sch premises. But i wondered why God used Pkc to bring us together. Maybe God had a plan for us, so i tot.

Now it was food time, and there was one person that haven’t yet introduced himself; the person that was cooking in the Kitchen.

To Be Continued…

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