-The Worst Guy (18+)

Read Story: The Worst Guy (18+)… Part 9

Written by Ed..

Uju was shocked out of her trance by Dele’s sudden action. Her paramount instinct was to move her free hand to Dele’s sagging balls. She was surprised by the weightiness of them; they hung down heavily, weighed down with his potent seed. They were also warm to the touch, even compared with the rest of Dele’s body. Uju fondled them as best she could; they were too large to hold comfortably in one hand, so one or the other kept slipping out of her soft small hand.

“Yes o, sweetheart. Nah the way be that o.” Dele shifted his hips forward, descending down in his chair as he did, putting his Joystick mere inches from Uju’s face. “Dey do like that, you go get wetin you come find.” Precum was flowing increasingly from his tip now, running down the sides of his rod in streams. Uju’s endless stroking spread the fluid all around his shaft, lubricating her hands and helping them to glide easily up and down. A minute passed with no further talk, only the wet sounds of Uju’s handjob faintly audible over the music. Then Dele spoke up again. “You dei enjoy, smallie? Dey enjoy plenty while giving my Joystick pleasure?”

Uju felt a needy arousal between her legs as Dele asked his question. She was enjoying herself, quite a bit—and she felt a despairing craving to rip off her short and panties, climb Dele, and ride him like a horse. But she refused to give in to those cravings, or even to acknowledge them.
“You wish,” she replied, scornfully. “I’m only touching your dirty Joystick to help Kelechi.”
Dele just chuckled. Despite her protests, Uju hadn’t stopped caressing him; in fact, she was moving faster and squeezing him harder now, sending quivers down his spine as his pleasure mounted. He started to pump his hips up and down in response to her pumping hand. Dele felt his climax approaching, faster than expected, her small soft hands driving him over the edge. He felt a flow of pleasure run through him, as she squeezed his Joystick firmly in her grip, and his eyes closed involuntarily.

Dele bit his lip and his nostrils broadening as he came. Uju retreated in surprise as his first shot flew into the air, shooting up over her head to splash down on the floor behind her in a long white rope. In that moment, Uju realized, he had pumped out more Pour than Kelechi could in an entire orgasm—and he was far from done. Uju watched open-mouthed as that firstsquirt was quickly followed by several more of similar size and power. Thick rivers of white cream oozed down his shaft and over Uju’s fingers as she directed his spurts out past her and onto the floor.

When he was finished, Uju was left holding on to his Pour-soaked Joystick, which hadn’t lost any of its stiffness despite unleashing an orgasm that would make any man jealous. Dele had collapsed into his chair, as if pumping out all that Pour had left him unable to support himself. He seemed astounded, and he was breathing hard as he recovered.

After a minute, he seemed to snap back into reality. He sat up straight and opened his eyes, taking in the state of his room. “Hmmm. I dei impressed o, smallie. Normally, e dey take past small rub like that before i wetin just do sha.” Uju felt herself smile awkwardly a bit at the compliment, and immediately felt overcome by guilt at what she had done.

“Shey, you wando am again?” Dele continued—and that’s when she realized that she hadn’t stopped jerking him, even though his orgasm was long over.

Without thinking, she grabbed her shirt from the floor and pulled it on, wiping some of Dele’s Pour on it from her hands. “Oh my God, I can’t… I’m leaving.” She bolted out the room and didn’t stop until she made it back to her hostel.

To Be Continued…

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