-The Worst Guy (18+)

Read Story: The Worst Guy (18+)… Part 8

Written by Ed..

The drop of precum got bigger as Dele spoke, and started to drip down his length. Uju was seized by a sudden desire to lick it up. What am I doing, she thought—how could I consider this. But her hand moved, superficially on its own. Just before she took hold of Dele’s Joystick, she paused. “And you promise you won’t go over and get him drunk again either? You won’t have another party?”
Dele traced out a small ‘x’ over his heart with his finger. “I don give you my scout honour and my word as a gentleman,” he said sarcastically.
Uju decided to go for it. Her small hand replaced Dele’s, and for a moment she did nothing but wonder at the majestic tool in her hand. She couldn’t close her fingers around it, such was its width, and her hand didn’t even cover a section of its length. Dele shifted his weight and his balls spilled out of his boxers as well; they hung down between his legs like a pair of lime in a sack. He clearly shaved, or did something similar, because his Joystick and his balls were completely hairless, and the small patch of hair at the base was trimmed short.
“You don hold something like this before?” Dele asked. Uju shook her head, still too overwhelmed by his tool to speak.
She started to give him a handjob, caressing him with her right hand in the same way he had been stimulating himself—long, slow pulls that covered the entirety of his vast length. Her left hand was clenched into a fist and resting gently on her breastbone. A mix of fear and excitement shone in Uju’s eyes as she unknowingly took her first step toward a very different life than she would have had with Kelechi.
Dele sat, almost unmoving, as she slid her hand up and down his Joystick. At first, Uju’s shyness was pleasing; she was relatively innocent, and he enjoyed watching her as she was confronted with something outside her experience. But it eventually grew annoying, as her slow strokes weren’t satisfactory to bring him the kind of pleasure he craved, and without action she wasn’t likely to step up her game. Her took her wrist in one hand. “I no sabi wetin you dei do for your boyfriend ni, but if you wan give a real man a handjob you need dey rough.” He started thrusting her hand for her—basically masturbating by proxy, until she got the rhythm of it. Then Dele took her other hand as well. “One hand no dey do the work correctly. Dey play with the balls with your second hand, use am caress my ball or whatever. No just dey sit down there.”

To Be Continued…

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