-The Worst Guy (18+)

Read Story: The Worst Guy (18+)… Part 7

Written by Ed..

Uju swallowed anxiously. “You promise? And you won’t tell anyone?” Dele nodded and sat back down, leaning back in his chair with his legs spread and a wide smile on his face. Uju was breathing hard and she thought of what she was about to do. Dele turned the music back up. Uju looked at him curiously.
“We no want make Kelechi sabi say you dei here.”
With the music playing, Uju closed her eyes and focused on controlling her breathing. Her heart was sprinting at the prospect of exposing herself, even to some extent, to Dele; she forced herself to calm down enough to proceed. Then she started swaying with the music, moving her hips in time with the bass beat and trying to mimic moves she had seen in the movies and on TV. When she opened her eyes, Dele was displaying a proud smile.
Uju turned away from him and put her arms over her head. Her shirt rode up, revealing her lower back and the barest hint of her pink panties peeking out over the waistband of her shorts. She looked back over her shoulder at Dele, inspiring him to say or do something, but he seemed satisfied to watch. Uju continued to dance in place for a while, moving her hips in circles, then turning back to face Dele and bending over to reveal her massive cleavage.
She had started to get into it and lose herself in the moment. Uju put one hand on Dele’s shoulder and raised one of her legs, resting her foot on the armrest of his chair. She rolled her hips seductively, drawing Dele’s eyes seductively down to that spot between her legs—that spot that was even now sending signals of its own to her brain, warning sign of need and desire.
In one swift motion, Ujupeeled off her shirt, revealing her impressive D-cups covered by a pink bra. Deleinhaled. “Sparkling like your eyes. I sure say guys no dei see as you as you dei commot your shirt, abi?” She didn’t acknowledge his remark; instead, she just swung her leg across his body so she was once again facing away from him. She bent at the knees and waist, so that she was almost sitting in his lap, and began to grind her Buttocks against him.
It didn’t take long before Uju noticed something weird—there seemed to be something in Dele’s trousers. It felt like a length of torch-light, and it was too long and thick to be the obvious candidate. She continued to rub herself against him, with that strange, hard object nestled between the cheeks of her Buttocks. It was warm, even though his thick trousers and it seemed to respond to her touch. “You no dei mess around, abi?” Dele said.
That made Uju pause. That can’t be his Joystick, she thought—no one is that large. But what else could it be? She froze, straddling Dele’s muscular thigh. “That nah me,” he said. “Shey i tell you say dem dey call me the bull.”
Uju stood up quickly and turned around. She tried to speak, but no words came out. She watched, unbelieving, as Dele unbuttoned his trousers and unzipped his fly. With one hand, he reached down into his boxers and brought it out.
Uju couldn’t look away. Dele’s Joystick was the largest she had ever seen, even in the X-rated movies she sometimes watched in secret. Even his big hand, so much larger than her own, only covered a third of its length, and he could barely close his fingers around it. And the truly amazing thing was that it didn’t seem to be fully erect; it dropped slightly at the end, near the mushroom head that looked to be as large as her fist.
“You dei really perform for me, e fair if i go give you my own in return,” he said, as he started to [email protected] himself slowly. Each [email protected] started at the base of his shaft and went all the way up his length; it seemed to Uju that each one took forever.

She stammered. “What… it… oh my… is that real?”
“Ehen nah? Come see am, e dey strong”
Uju dropped to her knees and looked hard as Dele continued to stroke himself. “Stop doing that. I didn’t agree to this.”
Dele didn’t stop. “You suppose dey proud. I dey do am because you dei s*xy**.”
Uju couldn’t look away. “No… please stop… you can’t do that with me here.”
“Bat why? No be like you dei cheat with your drunk boyfriend over there. Infact, you never finish to dey dance. If I wan expose the real stuff, you dei shock when person take notice.”
Dele kept up his slow, rhythmic [email protected] as he spoke. His Joystick had hardened completely now, and it rose from his groin like a pole. A single string of precum had formed at the tip, and it seemed to wield a hypnotic effect on Uju. “I’m not going to finish if you keep doing that,” she said, with her eyes fixed on that drop.
“You no finish the dance, I no turn down the music, and your poor little Kelechi go get another miserable night. I fit go him room, we go drink again. Him be chicken Buttocks; I fit make am drink.”
It took a moment for Dele’s words to sink in. “That’s not fair! You can’t do that to him. I danced for you; now put that… thing away before I leave.”
“See ehn, if you no wan finish your dance, come take over from me here? Nah because of you i dei like this, and I dei sure say you no dey tell people say you be seductress. You give me hand-job, you fit go without finishing the dance, and i no bother Kelechi with my music again.”

To Be Continued…

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