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Read Story: The Worst Guy (18+)… Part 5

Written by Ed..

Later that day, Uju was hanging out in Kelechi’s room when she brought up Dele. “So, Kelechi how’s the roommate situation?”
“It’s been fine, mostly. He had another girl a day before yesterday, but it wasn’t so bad. They started earlier and didn’t keep me up for so long.” He paused. “The walls are so thin here—I bet that he’s just watching X-rated or something. I mean, we have good s*x, and we’ve never gone on that long.” Kelechi paused again, for a bit longer. “If you want, we could give it a shot. Return the favour toDele.” He smiled as he spoke, but uncertainly, as if he was unsure of her response and planning to play it off as a joke if Uju took the suggestion badly.
“Soon, baby,” Uju replied. “You know I don’t have the same s*x drive you do, and I want to get settled and get into the fun here at the polytechnic before we sleep together again. But it’ll be soon.”
Kelechi nodded in response. “I’m not trying to force you. I love you, honey, and I know you’ll come to me when you’re ready.”
Uju smiled at him pleasantly. “I’m glad your situation with Dele is getting better. I think you should invite him over, get to know him.”
Kelechi agreed, half-heartedly, and went next door to fetch his roommate. When he returned moments later, Dele came along, looking gigantic over him.
Dele smiled as he entered the room and caught sight of Uju. “Ah, how far, smallie?” he said, as he let his stare play over her body. “I like that your short. You wear am for me?”
Ujufrowned a bit—she hadn’t thought about it when she suggested inviting Dele over, but she was wearing strangely revealing (for her) clothes. Her top was anexposing-neck t-shirt that showed a bit more cleavage than she usually displayed, enlarged by a push-up bra. And the shorts that Delecherished so much were especially short and tight. Uju found herself wondering if she hadn’t dressed this way because she was subconsciously trying to get Dele’s attention.
There was a moment of silence that lasted just a bit too long to be comfortable while Uju was thinking this over, and then Dele broke the tension by laughing loudly. “Nah joke I dei Joke with you.”
He gave Kelechi what looked like a playful punch in the arm—but that was enough to force Kelechi to take a step back and flinch slightly.
“Wetin una dey do?” he asked as he opened up Kelechi’s fridge and took out a canbeer. He opened the can with a pop and a hiss as he sat down next to Uju on the small sofa, leaving Kelechi standing in the centre of the room.
‘We were just watching TV,” said Kelechi as he took a seat on his bed. “Uju thought it would be nice if we got to know each other. We’ll be living next door all year, right?”
Dele took a long gulp of his soda before answering. “So smallie bin want make I come play?Ok o! She dei right, make we sabi ourselves. Oya start first.”
They made small chit-chat for perhaps half an hour. Kelechi and Uju told Dele how they met—they were secondary sweethearts, and they were planning on getting engaged by the end of the school year. Dele told them a bit about himself but mostly listened.
Then Dele turned to Kelechi with a grin on his face and asked, “Why I never dey see you for gym?I dei see Smallie for there, every morning. You no wan develop body?”
“Eh, I’m not really the athletic type. I don’t like getting sweaty and rigid.”
“That wan no bad jare. Wetin you dei do instead?I bin see your XBOX. You dei play video games?”
“Yeah, at times.”
“Me sef.”

The conversation turned to a conversation of Dele and Kelechi’s favourite games. Uju rolled her eyes and got up to leave. “I’m glad you boys are getting along, but this conversation is officially boring now.” Kelechi and Dele both stood up as she rose.
“See you tomorrow morning?” asked Kelechi. Uju said yes and went back to her room, leaving Kelechi and Dele deep in conversation.
The next morning, Uju saw Dele at the gym again. This time, she went up to him and asked how the evening went after she left.
“Your boy no sabi drink beer. I fit set my money say him no go make am to una breakfast date—Infact sef, him no fit waka go lectures today.”
“What did you do to him?” Uju asked angrily.
“No vex with me, I carry some can of beer andnah him wan drink plenty. He bin wan rival me for beer drinking…I no sabi why, but him no fit try am, up till now.”
Ujunarrowed her eyes at Dele, but made no other response. She turned on one heel and walked off, putting a bit of extra sway in her hips as she did. After her workout, she went to Kelechi’s room and found the door open a bit. She knocked gently and, getting no response, went in.
Kelechi’s room had been messy.

To Be Continued…

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