-The Worst Guy (18+)

Read Story: The Worst Guy (18+)… Part 4

Written by Ed..

Uju’s hand smashed into the emergency stop button on the treadmill.
She turned to face Dele as the machine trembled to a halt, her lips grimacing into a frown and her eyes flashing. “Who the hell do you think you are? You eyed me openly yesterday and left your stupid garbage in my boyfriend’s room, and now you’re talking to me like I’m some kind of cheapprostitute?”
Dele’s smile never left his face. “Ah, I sure say you no be Ashawo. I F**K Ashawo; I no dey gist with them.”
That reply just made Ujuannoyed. She turned and took off. The whole time, she felt Dele’s gawk on her as he watched her Buttocks sway as she left. Once she was out of the gym, she stopped to calm down and relax before heading to the cafeteria to meet her boyfriend. She stepped off of the road leading away the gym, closed her eyes, and counted to ten as she struggled to get her temper under control. Somehow, that short interaction with Dele had gotten her worked up, and her body was engulfed with adrenalin and endorphins, making her heart race just as much as the long run on the treadmill had.
Once she was under control, she made her way to the common room to meet with Kelechi. He was sitting at a chair, with a cup of tea and some buns in front of him. He looked bad; his hair was uncombed, and there were dark circles under his eyes as if he hadn’t slept at all. Uju bought bread and a small bowl of cornflakes and sat down beside him. “You okay, darling?”
“I’m fine; I just didn’t get much sleep last night. They kept going next door after you left, and they didn’t stop until past midnight. And this morning they went at it again, in the shower. I don’t know what they were doing, but the door from my room to the bathroom stinks now, and they scattered my toiletries all over the place. My toothbrush on the floor, and I think they used my soap and my towels.”
While Kelechi spoke, Uju found herself thinking about what this said about Dele. She realized that he hadn’t slept either; he had spent the night battering some poor woman, giving her a night of supreme pleasure that continued on into the morning, and then he went to the gym, still looking like Randy Orton. Kelechi was a wreck after one night of listening to Dele in action; Dele seemed like he was ready to do it all over again.
“Okay? Do you think it’s a good idea?” Ujustopped pondering. Kelechi hadn’t stopped talking, and he didn’t seem to notice that Uju had been miles away.
“I’m sorry; I dozed off for a second. I guess I didn’t sleep well either. What would be a good idea?” Uju asked.
“I’m thinking I should complain to the hostel authorities and see if I can move.”
And then Uju found herself giving some very abnormal advice. “I think you should stay a bit longer. I’m sure that once you get to know him Dele will be fine.”
“I thought you despised the guy.”
“I don’t like him, but that doesn’t mean you can’t live next door to him.”
“All right, sweetheart. I’ll give it a week or so and see how things go.”
Uju and Kelechi let the matter drop there, and spent the rest of their breakfast chatting about their course schedules and planning their day. Then they left, Kelechi to go to his first lecture, and Uju to go back and shower. Before departing, Kelechi gave Uju a quick peck on the cheek, and then he took off.
Uju and Kelechi met back up that evening for dinner, and then went back to their rooms. The next few days passed without event. Uju saw Dele at the gym twice, but she refused to speak to him or work out near him. Dele didn’t approach her, either, although she could often feel his eyes on her whenever they were in the same place. Uju found herself annoyed that Dele hadn’t approached her to make any more lewd comments—he apparently thought she was nice-looking, like any vigorous man, so . One morning, she found herself practically walking back and forth in front of Dele as he worked out, flaunting her body in front of him, so she could have the pleasure of telling him to go to hell. But he didn’t even notice; he didn’t look at her once. Uju ended up leaving the gym in a bad mood.
She returned to her room and stripped down, standing in front of the full length mirror hanging from the bathroom door. She started to look at herself, searching for any flaw or imperfection. As she did, she started talking to herself.
“What? is he, blind? I must be sexier than that woman he was with that night,” she said, cupping her heavy Bosom and offering them up to her reflection. “And my Buttocks has never looked better.” She turned sideways and thrust her hips back slightly, angling her head from side to side as she evaluated her appearance. Uju turned back to face her image and leaned in close, to examine her face. Every feature was as lovely as she thought. Her lips were full and s*xy**—”that unpolishedbastard would probably say I have lips for sucking Joystick, or something like that.” Her eyes were big, black pupil, fantastic. Her hair was long and radiant—”I bet he wants to get his hands twisted up in it while he kissed my neck.” There was clearly nothing wrong with her, she thought. So Dele must have something wrong with him.

To Be Continued…

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