-The Worst Guy (18+)

Read Story: The Worst Guy (18+)… Part 3

Written by Ed..

The next morning, Uju awoke from disturbing dreams to find that she was unusually stiff and sore, as if she had been stressing herself during the night. She decided to go work out some of that stiffness with a trip to the gym. Not ten minutes later, she walking in to the campus gym for the first time. The main doors opened up into a large exercises area, with free weights and weight machines along the walls and cardio equipment in the centre. It was 6:30 in the morning, but the gym was packed anyway; Uju had planned on hopping on a treadmill, but only one machine was open. It was next to a pillar and another machine.
And that other machine was occupied by Dele.
He was wearing a red sleeveless shirt that showed off his strong arms and shoulders, along with a pair of black gym shorts. Sweat gleamed on his forehead and arms and soaked his shirt in places. Uju found herself staring at him for a moment, admiring his powerful form as he ran. It seemed like he was running at a very fast, and Uju could tell he had been at it for some time before she arrived—but he didn’t seem short of breath or tired at all. He was breathing deeply, but steadily, his eyes distracted as he looked off into the middle distance.
Uju raised her chin resentfully and strode toward the empty treadmill. She stepped up onto the machine and started her own workout. Dele didn’t seem to notice her at first, but as she finished her warm-ups and started jogging, she saw his eyes twinkle over to her. Before too long their eyes met as they both tried to steal glances of each other. When they made eye contact, Uju felt that same warmth she had felt last night, that same sudden heat that surged up from between her legs and made her embarrassed. Dele, for his part, broke into a wide smile and picked up the pace on his treadmill. Uju found herself speeding up, trying to match his pace.
They ran next to each other, not speaking, for fifteen minutes before Uju had to slow down and dropped to a fast walk. Dele, now running out of breath himself, kept running for a minute or two, then punched the big button that slowed the machine to walking speed himself.
Once he had caught his breath, Dele spoke. “Very impressive, smallie. Women wey fit keep up with me no plenty at all o. But I know say you fit sabi nah, from last night.”
Ujugrunted in disgust but made no other reply. Dele continued. “You bin spend time to listen wella? You bin dei when she call her best friend make she come join us? She talk say i too much for one woman.” He paused, considerately. “You fit no hear that one through the wall.”
Uju kept her eyes locked forward. “Pig.”
“Usually, them dey call me ‘libido’ or ‘horseman’.Last semester one chick bin dey call me bull. You fit sabi the reason nah.”

To Be Continued…

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