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Read Story: The Worst Guy (18+)… Part 2

Written by Ed..

She heard his door close and turned to Kelechi. “What a dull fool. And he left his dirtysnack crumbles on your desk.”
Kelechi shrugged. “Eh, I’m sure he was just trying to be friendly. It’s not like he’ll be in here all the time.” He turned to unpack, and Uju joined him. Soon Dele’s intrusion was forgotten.
That night, Uju and Kelechi were lying together on his bed watching television when they heard Dele’s door slam. Moments later, there was a thud as something banged into the shared wall. Kelechisupported himself up on an elbow and raised an eyebrow. “Jesus! What was that?”
“I am sure he’s drunk. He seems like that sort of guy,” replied Uju. “Probably staggered into a wall.”
A second thump echoed through the room, followed quickly by a third. Soon Uju and Kelechi could hear the rhythmic pounding of something banging into the shared wall, and before too long the pounding was joined by the regular creaks of a bed under heavy strain.
“Oh, my God—is he doing what I think he’s doing?” asked anamazedUju.
Before Kelechi could answer, they heard soft voices coming from the room next door. Uju could just make out a woman’s voice, repeating the same thing over and over–“Uhhh! F**K! Uhhh! F**K!” Her moans were combined by Dele’s deeper, wordless grunts.
Both Uju and Kelechi listened for a while in mute humiliation. The noise from the room next door did not subside in the slightest. The woman’s moans were replaced with ecstatic moans, and the deep thuds of Dele’s bed against the wall grew louder and faster. Uju felt her Tips stiffen and the barest suggestion of warmth tingled in her thighs. She was beginning to get aroused, in spite of herself. She sat up quickly, surprisingKelechi. Uju went over the wall and started banging on it; “Keep it down, Idiots!” she yelled.
If Dele and his playmate heard her, they didn’t care; the sounds of their aggressive s*x continued to fill Kelechi’s room.
Kelechi, still in bed, supported himself up with one arm. “Come back over here, honey. I’m sure they’ll be done soon, and we can just turn the TV volume up in the meantime.”
Uju grumbled, but went back and sat down in Kelechi’s chair, which was sitting next to the bed. Kelechi sat up and turned up the TV volume.
Their show ended about fifteen minutes later, and Dele was still going strong in the next room. His partner’s moans had reduced, although Uju and Kelechi could occasionally hear her scream out in pleasure. The sounds of the bed protesting under its abuse had gotten even louder; it continued to bang against the wall, hard enough for Uju and Kelechi to feel the vibrations through the floor, and while the tempo changed more than once it never let up.
“Wow,” Kelechi said, “he must really be giving it to her.”
Ujusneered in disgust—although she had been thinking the same thing. “No self-respecting woman would want to be treated like that.”
Even as she spoke, the image of Dele’s body, Unclad and muscular, came into her head uninvited. She saw herself underneath him; legs spread wide, mouth open in adelightedmoan, as he F***ed himself into her Kittycat with enough force to shake the walls of the room. A flash of heat ran through her before she shook her head and came back to herself.
“I can’t take this anymore. I’m going back to my room. I’ll see you tomorrow, Kelechi.”
Kelechi looked at her, disappointed but understanding. “Breakfast?”
“Of course. I’ll meet you in the cafeteria after I go to the gym.”
Then she left. Dele and his unknown Sl*t could be heard out in the hall, and she paused for half a step outside his door as she listened. Uju rolled her eyes and hurried out, heading back to her own dorm.
There was a bit of a chill in the night air, but it didn’t do anything to cool Uju down. She spent the whole walk back to her dorm room furious at Dele’s rude behaviour. Her thoughts kept returning to the sounds she had heard from the woman in his room. She must have been some sort of LovePeddler, to sleep with a man the night before the session began, a man who she couldn’t have known for more than a few hours. But her moans, her shouted vulgarity, and her orgasmic screams told a different story—one about a woman who was enjoying herself in ways Uju had never experienced.
s*x with Kelechi was satisfying, but he had never made Uju scream the way the mysterious woman had screamed. And he didn’t have Dele’s evident stamina—they had been going at it for almost half an hour by the time Uju left, and there was no sign that they were planning on stopping. Kelechilasts after twominutes, at best. And of course Kelechi didn’t have Dele’s body. Perhaps if he did, he could pin her down to the bed, her arms above her head, held in one of his strong hands, as he kissed the side of her neck, his breath hot against her skin, while she struggled against him—
Uju shook herself out of the erotic trance. She looked around, and realized she had made it back to her hostel while lost in her thoughts. She dug around in one of the pockets until she found her key and let herself in, first to the building and then her room. She went into her bathroom to clean up before bed and caught sight of herself in the mirror. Her eyes were wide. The tips of her breasts strained visibly against her shirt. She stood there for a moment, paralyzed—how long had she been like this? What if someone had seen her like this on the walk? She didn’t recall seeing anyone, but she had been preoccupied, and she was pretty sure she wouldn’t have noticed if someone had walked right up to her and called her name.
She decided to take a shower to cool down and relax. Soon, Uju stood under the cool water and felt herself relax, the muscles in her back and shoulders loosening as the tension fled her body. She started put to soap all over herself up as she cleaned off the fragments of the day’s labour. Before long she was cleaned and refreshed, and she let her mind wander as the shower continued to pour cold water down on her. Her arousal hadn’t diminished, and so it was that one of her hands wandered down toward the middle of her thighs unconsciously. One of her fingers traced out lazy circles just below her belly button, slowly descending down to her excited Kittycat, and barely grazed her clit. A pleasurable shock ran up her spine from the light touch on her button, and Uju let out a quick, involuntary gasp.
She hadn’t realized what she was doing, and after that moment of pleasure she forced herself to stop. Uju turned off the shower and stepped out, drying herself with quick, angry movements, and dressed in her least revealing pyjamas. Then she turned off her light and lay down in her bed. She forced herself to ignore the needy arousal between her legs and slowly, hysterically, descended into sleep.

To Be Continued…

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