-The Worst Guy (18+)

Read Story: The Worst Guy (18+)… Part 17

Written by Ed..

“Think about am, your Kittycat boyfriend fit don talk am this morning. I no think am till now”
Uju narrowed her eyes at him. “Why are you doing this to us?” she asked, a sorrowful note creeping into her voice.
Dele’s grin widened. “I no sabi wetin you mean, darling. But i dei sure say you don see the face wey match the sound wey dey scream for my room. I know say Kelechi don detect am too. I fit swear say him dey look Mimi’s Bosom.”
Uju was shocked. “What do you mean?”
“No play holy here. You don hear me dey F**K before.Kelechi don hear am plenty times—every night sef, since last week. Nah Mimi be that more than once. E go be her tonight, too, so make Kelechi say bye bye to peaceful sleep.”
Uju’s anger flowed again. “You bastard. You’re intentionally making his life miserable.”
“That nah child’s play. And i know say you fit like am.”
“That’s ridiculous. I tried to get you to stop.” Her voice got quieter, and she looked around nervously as if someone might be hiding in the tiny lobby. “I gave you a… handjob… and you promised to be quiet and you didn’t.”
Dele shook his head. “No o, Smallie. I promise say I go off my music. But after you don charge me, I need new spark, I need get some action. E fit be Mimi, for that night. The world fit small o.” He chuckled to himself.
“What do you mean? I made you Pour”—her face irritated with embarrassment—”and you’re telling me that didn’t satisfy you?”
“No. E dei take me two or three times, at least.” Uju was dumbfounded for a moment. “I know say Kelechi nah indomie man, huh? One minute of pounding and touching, then him go faint for your body, all weak? No be how i dey do am. You don hear me, you don see me for gym, so you sabi wetin I fit do. And you don sabi who I go do am with now, and when you masturbate you go fit play the scene well for your head.”
Uju stared at him, open mouthed. “How dare you. I don’t think of you when I… masturbate.”
Delecurved one dark eyebrow. “I dey lie? You suppose dey do am. You like me—I sabi that one.” He nodded down at her chest. Uju looked down as well, and noticed that her Tips had stiffened, making two small tents of fabric at the tips of her breasts. And her panties were practically dripping. “I believe say you dey s*xy**. Why you dey deceive yourself? You fit have me anytime wey you want.”
Uju made no reply. Dele took her subdued hand and placed in on his groin. He was hard under his jeans, and she could feel his warmth through the material. He continued. “See wetin you dey do me, smallie?” He let go of her hand, but she kept it in place. “I go allow Mimi make she take care of am, and that go make am scream. Your boyfriend no go fit sleep well. You want make Kelechi enjoy him sleep? Come my room. Replace Mimi. If you fit keep quiet, then Kelechi go enjoy him sleep.”
Neither Dele nor Uju knew how they stood there, close together, in that lobby, Uju’s hand on Dele’s Joystick, before Uju snapped out of her shock. “No—if I go to your room, you have to promise never to keep Kelechi awake again.” As she spoke, some part of her screamed that she was doing the wrong thing, betraying her boyfriend, acting like a Sl*t. But standing there, with Delesoaring over her and her small, soft hand on his giant, hard Joystick, she couldn’t imagine doing anything else.
“I promise say i no go bother am. I no go do am anything to keep am awake for night,” Dele answered—but he made no move to step away, and neither did Uju. “shey yousabi , Smallie, if we come go back reach that table, stressed up like this, Kelechi and Mimi go suspect something.” Uju gulped as she imagined the scene. Kelechi wouldn’t do anything at the table, but he would be suspicious and unresponsively antagonistic about it later. And she didn’t think Dele would care about Mimi’s reaction, but from the busty girl’s stories she seemed to know everyone on campus, and Uju judged that she would be the sort to spread rumours.

To Be Continued…

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