-The Worst Guy (18+)

Read Story: The Worst Guy (18+)… Part 16

Written by Ed..

That evening, Uju and Kelechi met for dinner at Crunchies restaurant off campus. Uju was wearing a red dress that complimented her sparkling in her eyes. She made an effort to look good for her boyfriend, perhaps out of lingering guilt. Kelechi, unfortunately, didn’t do the same. Or perhaps—Uju thought sinisterly—he had, and the old top and mismatched trouser was really the best he could do.
Still, they went inside, and as they talked and laughed Uju started to feel better. Kelechi didn’t know what she had done with Dele, and somehow she didn’t think Dele would tell. She resolved to be the perfect girlfriend for Kelechi and to put thoughts of Dele out of her head entirely.
That proved to be rather difficult when he showed up in the restaurant with abeautifullady with big Buttocks on his arm.
He walked in just after Uju and Kelechi had bought drinks, and saw them almost immediately. “Oh, Smallie! Neighbour!” he shouted, drawing a few looks from the other restaurant customers. He said something to the lady by his side, with a big Buttocks and she looked over at Uju and Kelechi. “Funny running in to you two here. Out on a date? Maybe we can make it a double.”
Uju refused to meet his eye. Before she could voice her objections, Kelechi smiled back at Dele and invited him over. Before he arrived, Uju hissed at him: “why did you invite him over? I wanted tonight to be just us.”
Kelechi looked at her awkwardly and replied, “Sorry, darling. I didn’t think.”
Uju just glared at him, but didn’t have time to say anything else before Dele and his eye candy arrived. They all made small talk as the staff slid the neighbouring table up, and Dele and his girl sat down. Dele was sitting next to Kelechi, and his date—Mimi, an older student—sat next to Uju. The small talk continued for some time, with Dele dominating the conversation with his pidgin, stories and loud laughter. Uju and Mimi pulled their weight as well, but Kelechi had trouble getting a word in.
He wasn’t helped by his clear interest in Dele’s date. Mimi looked like the stereotypical light-skinnedslut—long hair, a bit too much makeup,short skirt only slightly longer than a belt, and a sleeveless shirt that displayed more cleavage than Uju would ever display. Uju caught Kelechi staring at Mimi’s Bosom several times, and even kicked him under the table over meals, making him embarrassed.
Mimi also proved to be unexpectedly intelligent, and she seemed obsessed with Dele. He, in turn, seemed to be into her as well. Uju found herself growing jealous of Mimi as the meal went on. Just before they intended on leaving, she excused herself, planning on taking a moment in the ladies’ room to compose herself. When she stood, Dele did as well. Kelechi looked up at him, confused. Delespanked him lightly on the back of the head. “Oh, Neighbour, where you drop your manners?” Kelechi stood up, somewhat hesitantly, and gave Uju a small smile.
“That’s not needed, boys. If you’ll excuse me…” she said, sliding away from the table and heading toward the restrooms.
A moment later, Dele said “Me sef, I wan do the same thing. I wan join your chic.” He gave Kelechi a wide smile. Kelechi returned it, although his smile was forced and uncertain. Dele left the table as well, leaving Kelechi and Mimi to pass the time in awkward silence.
Dele caught up with Uju outside of the ladies’ toilet. They were in a small lobby, with no one else around, and blocked off from view of the rest of the restaurant. She turned on him as he approached, wheeling suddenly to face him, her face hot, anger and jealousy and arousal all stewing together in a confusing dilemma. “Did you follow me here?” she asked,her voice tight but low.
Delesneered at her. “Nah public place, smallie. I fit go Sh*t for toilet if i want.”
“You know what I mean. Did you find out that I would be here with Kelechi and decide to ruin our evening?”

To Be Continued…

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