-The Worst Guy (18+)

Read Story: The Worst Guy (18+)… Part 15

Written by Ed..

Ujuplainly bumped into Dele leaving Kelechi’s building. She was looking down, holding onto a nylon bag she had taken from Kelechi’s room and the plate she had brought him, and didn’t see Dele as she opened the door until it was too late. Walking into him was like walking into a wall. He didn’t move an inch; she bounced off him and staggered back a step, struggling to keep her grip on the china plate.

After their shared moment of shock passed, Dele gave her a wide smile, revealing his perfect white teeth. “Hmmm, if no be smallie, who e go be. I bin think say you don leave your yamayama boyfriend after you don see real man.”
Ujugrew very annoyed, her face turning inflamed and her eyes going wide. A long moment passed before she could speak. “How dare you!” she spat. “You disgusting fool!” Dele’s grin never faltered. “We had a deal, and you broke it! You said you would leave Kelechi alone if I…” she stopped here, looking around ashamedly, ensuring that no one was around to overhear. “… If I danced for you, and I did, and I even touched your Joystick!” She got even angrier, if that was possible—her frown seemed contort her face.

Dele approached her, drawing close as her outburst continued. “You had someone over that night and destroyed our evening, and Kelechi says you’ve been totallyawful since then! And… and… and…” she slowly lost steam as Dele got closer and closer, and her anger was replaced by confusion and lust. He was head and shoulders above over her, and he was standing so close that the tips of Uju’s D-cups were only inches from him. If her hands had been free, she could easily reach out and lay a palm flat on his chest to feel his chiselled muscles through his tight t-shirt, or run a hand up his thigh and feel the thick lump of Joystick she could see swelling between his legs.

Dele spoke. “I no talk say I go live Kelechi alone. You talk say make I off my music for one night and I do am. If you want make I leave am, you go do more than a quick handjob.” That brought back Uju’s anger. She dropped the plate, apparently not noticing as it shattered on the floor, and threw the nylon bag at him.
“You beast!” she shouted, and ran out. It wasn’t until she got back to her hostel that she realized that her Tips were hard against her shirt and her panties were damp.

To Be Continued…

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