-The Worst Guy (18+)

Read Story: The Worst Guy (18+)… Part 14

Written by Ed..

Kelechi didn’t answer immediately when she knocked. It took her three tries before she got any response—and that was just a subduedwhimper from inside the room. A few minutes later, Kelechi opened the door, tired eyes and unkempt.

Uju was shocked by her boyfriend’s appearance. There were dark circles under his weighty eyes, and his hair was uncombed, and looked a bit oily. It looked like he hadn’t shaved in a few days, and a sparse growth of whiskers covered his cheeks and chin. He was wearing a singlet with a reddish stain, probably ketchup or stew, over the navel, and a pair of blue boxers.

What surprised her the most was that since she saw him last, only five days ago, he seemed to have visibly put on weight—though if she were honest with herself she would have been forced to admit that he had been getting heavier since coming to the polytechnic, but slowly, and it was only their recent separation that made her realize what had been going on for some time.

It took Kelechi a moment to realize who was in front of him, but when he did he brightened up instantly. He smiled, and said “Hey darling! Long-time no see!” As he did, the nasty smell of his breath and his room drifted over to Uju, making her wrinkle her nose. Kelechi looked down shamefacedly. “Sorry about all this,” he said, waving his arms at himself and the room. “Dele’s been having girls over almost every night, and I wasn’t with you, so I kind of let things go.”

Uju smiled sweetly at him, though the mention of Dele sent anoutpouring of anger through her mind—and a similar surge of desire through her body. She moaned slightly, but by the time Kelechi looked back up into her glittering eyes it was gone. “That’s okay, Kelechi,” she said. “I know that most men would not bother having their bathe if women do notexist.” They giggled together, and Uju walked into his room with his breakfast.

Within an hour, Kelechi had eaten, cleaned himself up, and ventilated the room. He revealed to Uju that Dele had been especially bad lately—he wasn’t just keeping Kelechilate nights, he had also taken to barging into Kelechi’s room whenever he chose and making use of Kelechi’s things as if they were his own. Uju almost went next door immediately to confront the man making her boyfriend’s life a living hell—but then she remembered what happened the last time she let her anger get the better of her, and she forced herself to calm down.

Kelechi continued, not seeming to notice Uju’s reactions whenever he brought up Dele. “It’s like secondary school all over again. He thinks that because he’s some big robustbastard he can get away with whatever he wants. The hostel porter says that there’s nothing she can do, but I think she is just very lazy.”
Or she is one of the girls he sleeps with, Uju thought, smiling as she imagined Dele’s muscular form and oversized Joystick.

Still Kelechi kept going. “Whatever, I’m just going to deal with it. I bought some Beat by Dre headset. They should let me sleep and work just fine even if he is Bleeping harlots next door.” As soon as he said it, Kelechi and Uju both stopped, the devil in the room was now fully present to both of them.

Kelechi was the first to break the silence, speaking slowly. “I’m sorry, sweetie—I should not have pressured you to have s*x with me again, and then when you agreed to I basically-ejaculated in my boxers. It was so humiliating. I promise it won’t happen again. The next time we have s*x, it’ll be your call, and I’ll be ready.”
Uju nodded. “I’m sorry, too, love. I think it must have shocked you, and that couldn’t be good for your performance. I’ll give you more warning next time so it will be special.” They embraced, and Uju couldn’t help but compare Kelechi’s gradually sagging body to that of the masculine model next door. She imaginedDele taking her in his strong arms and practically crushing her to his broad chest, and she felt a flash of pleasure between her legs. Then her guilt returned, and she had to blink back tears.

To Be Continued…

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