-The Worst Guy (18+)

Read Story: The Worst Guy (18+)… Part 13

Written by Ed..

Uju didn’t see her boyfriend for five days.
The last time they had been together, Kelechi had been recovering from a ruthless hangover. He had gotten caught up in a spur-of-the-moment party thrown by his neighbour Dele and twisted up in a bad way. Dele was a son of a B***h—he was always ogling Uju and maltreating Kelechi. Uju went to Dele to get him to stop. That’s where things started to go bad.

Dele was in many ways Kelechi’s superior. Where Kelechi was soft and chubby, Dele was dark and well-built. Dele took pride in his mother’s tongue, pidgin but Kelechi interacted in well-polished English, which would make the queen of England nod with glee. Kelechi, on his best day, was still a short average man. But Dele was tall and handsome, lean and physical. Uju always knew, at some level, that she was selling herself cheap with Kelechi. She drew voracious looks from most men, and more than a few ladies, with her long black hair, sparkling eyes, and well-sculpted ‘French’ face. Her smooth legs went up to a fleshy, firm Buttocks that begged to be spanked, and her large Bosom looked even bigger on her small frame. Uju could have any man she wanted, but she was with Kelechi.

This is why she felt guilty for what she did with Dele. When she went to him, he had made an offensive demand: he would let Kelechi be only if she stripped for him. Uju told herself that she wasn’t attracted to Dele (even though she stared at him almost as much as he stared at her, looked deep into his bloody eyes, looked at him as he ran and lifted weights), and that she was just doing it for Kelechi’s sake. But then she went beyond dancing when she knelt in front of Dele and rubbed his large Joystick. She took him into her small, soft hands and caressed until he erupted. And her arousal during the moment couldn’t be denied, even when she was with Kelechi later that same night.

She had tried desperately to get him to F**K her but failed; he couldn’t get hard at first, and when he did he went off before she even touched him. Uju couldn’t help but compare her boyfriend to Dele, and Kelechi was found wanting on all counts. So she stayed away from both of them while she tried to get her head straight once again.

It was Saturday morning when Uju finally found the courage to see Kelechi again. She went to his hostel, bringing with her some breakfast from the canteen—cake, mangoes, and a bottle of juice. She was careful to avoid Dele’s room totally, going so far as to walk around the hostel to a different entrance so that she could get to Kelechi’s room without passing Dele’s door.

To Be Continued…

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