-The Worst Guy (18+)

Read Story: The Worst Guy (18+)… Part 12

Written by Ed..

Uju sat and basked in the warmth of her orgasm for several minutes. When she came to, she realized Kelechi had been speaking to her for some time. “… the sweetest thing ever, babe. That was remarkable.”
She shook her head to clear it and opened her eyes. Kelechi was still sitting in front of her, Unclad, and his Joystick was still soft. But now a few dribbles of Pour had dripped from the head. “What happened? Did you Pour too?” she asked.
“Yeah, babe. I’m sorry that we didn’t get to make love, but watching you… it was just too much. I started getting hard, and I thought I’d rub it a little—you know, to help things along—but as soon as I touched it, well… you can figure out the rest.”
Uju’s orgasm didn’t quench the flames of desire raging inside her. In fact, things had only gotten worse. And clearly Kelechi would be no help tonight. She stood up and stretched, her Bosom standing out proudly on her body as she arched her back. Then she started gathering up her clothes and getting dressed. “I’m glad you liked it baby, but please next time try to have more control,” she said.
Kelechi nodded. “I will, darling. I hope that’ll be sometime soon?”
Uju didn’t answer his question. “I’m going back to my room—I can’t stand listening to that noise next door any longer. See you tomorrow?”
Kelechi didn’t press the issue. They walked together to his door, where he kissed her gently, and then Uju turned and left.

To Be Continued…

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