-The Worst Guy (18+)

Read Story: The Worst Guy (18+)… Part 11

Written by Ed..

Kelechi stared at her expressionlessly for a moment before he got it. “Do you mean… are you sure?” Uju nodded coyly, her eyes admirable. Kelechi’s face broke into a wide grin. “Okay, great… Let me get a condom.” He got up and searched around in his drawers, eventually withdrawing a foil-wrapped packet.

Uju got up and gently took the condom from him, then guided him back to the bed. “Let me take care of that. You just sit there and watch.” She put the condom on the desk and started to sway back and forth in time with the pounding thuds and moans from next door. She closed her eyes, losing herself in the moment. Once again her thoughts turned to Dele—but now her fantasies were intense enough to seem almost real. She imagined herself underneath him while he drove himself into her, her legs spread wide as she accepted his lengthy Joystick into her tight hole. Her Tips thickened under her shirt, and her breath quickened as she danced for Kelechi, all the while thinking of Dele.

Kelechi quickly stripped and was sitting Unclad on his bed, playing with his own flaccid Joystick and attempting to lure it to life. The love of his life was dancing in front of him, but nothing was happening. Even when Uju stripped off her shirt, revealing her bare breasts, he simply couldn’t get going. Uju crawled up onto the bed and straddled him, grinding her hips against him—but still nothing. She slid down and took him into her mouth—and while he enlarged briefly under her tender assistances, it wasn’t enough. Uju slipped off her shorts and let Kelechi play with her smooth, shaved Kittycat, which was wet with desire—but to no avail. And all the while, the sounds of Dele absolutely destroying some unknown woman could be heard from next door.

Uju gasped in frustration and disappointment. She had been on edge since her encounter with Dele, and now Kelechi wasn’t up to the task of pleasing her. “Come on, Kelechi. What’s wrong? Don’t you want me?”
Kelechi was ashamed. “Of course, babe. I want you more than anything, but I haven’t been sleeping well, and after last night… Can we try again later?”
“Well… maybe this will help.” She sat down at the foot of his bed and spread her legs. Kelechi’s jaw dropped as he realized what she was going to do. Uju sat there for a moment, letting him take in the sight of her, completely Unclad, and heralluring eyes wide with excitement. Her breasts hung free, rising and falling as she breathed. Uju’s flat, firm stomach shivered with excitement. A bit of moisture could be seen between her legs.

With her right hand, she traced a path from her neck, between her breasts, down across her navel, to her Kittycat. Kelechi watched, captivated, as her fingers started to dance across her most sensitive places; she rubbed her clit, let her fingers slide across her lower lips, and stroked her inner thighs as she stimulated herself.. Uju through her head back, with her eyes closed and mouth opened, as she slipped a finger into her Kittycat, hooking it forward to press against her inner walls. That finger was joined by another, and another, as she started to pant.

While all this was happening, Dele and his woman continued to F**K next door. Dele’s bed was slamming into the wall over and over, its springs and frame creaking and groaning, and the woman was begging for Dele to F**K her harder, harder. Uju was visualising herself in Dele’s bed. In her mind’s eye, she was the one screaming for more of Dele’s harddick. She was lying underneath him, her legs wrapped around his hips, as he thrust into her, reaching places that Kelechi never could. She was on all fours, bent over in front of Dele, while he held onto her shoulders and used them to deliver blows of such punishing power as to take her breath away. She was on top of him, using her fleshy thighs to lift herself off his Joystick only to drop back down onto it. She was cumming—on Dele’s Joystick as he squirted into her, in her fantasies, and on her fingers, as her boyfriend watched in mute astonishment, in reality.

To Be Continued…

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