-My Valentine Experience

Read Story: My Valentine Experience… Part 8

A Story written by @iamsynord… (Ff @iamsynord on twitter)…

At almost 12 30pm,I use rushing and sweat enter the hotel.

.As expected i met a lot of people there..young guys and girls,mostly teenagers and secondary school students. I could not but wonder how many of the girls are “ getting it tonight” in exchange for the 120 naira ice cream and one plate of fried rice the guys will buy for them..

..a particular young secondary school girl in my neighbourhood, ramata was also there with her secondary school boyfriend
This girl was just in jss3 and should not be more than 15 years old.. while she should be reading, she is here with a boyfriend ?? . she did as if she did not see me , me sef comot eye ,.. me i kuku find my own pkg come ni sef.

.i tried to scan the restaurant for her face but i couldnt locate her.. i tried dialling her number yet again but she no pick .. perhaps she was on her way,stucked in traffic or something ..So far i was the best dressed in that restaurant.. Everybody just dey look me ,dey feel my swag .. Baba iya anybody.

i dialled my date number again.. she didnt pick up..this happened almost 6 times .. i messaged ,, yet no reply.

Sir , please what are you looking for ?? the very rude statement came from one of the ugly female waiters who had been staring at me all this while but i no gree look her side.

I wanted to give her a very stupid answer but i controlled myself..

“ am waiting for someone “ i said calmly..
Ok , but you have to buy something sir… we have special discounts for today
Ok gimme….

So i ordered for my food alone.

Boo boo.. i heard someone call my name. I looked back to see where the voice was coming from. IT was emusmith .

how many people i sabi go dey this place now ??

He beckoned on me to come and my dumb coconut head also went there..

There sat his beautiful date, smiling as she rolled her tongue feraciously over the ice cream.

Haha.. even emusmith is here with his own babe , gisting , holding hands every 2 2 minutes . I looked around.. ladies and guys ,,all eating , chatting , smiling and constantly touching each other in anticipation of tonight marathon and here i was , all alone again looking like a rejected chicken .

30 mins pass , 1 hour , 1 hour 30 mins, i no see this girl oo.

To Be Continued…

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