-My Valentine Experience

Read Story: My Valentine Experience… Part 7

A Story written by @iamsynord… (Ff @iamsynord on twitter)…

I switched off the phone in anger…i waited almost 30 minutes for the yeye man to come..and when he came back, he started begging and asking for forgiveness. ..

Oga no vex, na man wey dey catch on top another woman for my own room, na him dem rush call me from house..
Wetin of his inquisitive neighbours asked..
Tor,na so dem dey ask oo . its one of my friends ooo..he brought another”s man wife to my room and that one husband traced her …
“ No be the first time he dey bring woman come my side be this but i know sabi say him taste don change to married woman own now oo.They almost killed my friend there before they called me to make sure say dem no kill person for my house oo

You see.. sebi i dey always tell u.. u don turn your room to hotel.. all your friends go dey bring woman come ur….( pauses) .. sha thank God sey he no pass this ..wat of if your friend contacted magun and died there or the lady herself died..??

God forbid..woo..let me sha give this oga his clothes …so i can go back and settle the remaining ish .. He was disturbed and confused as he was sweating profusely .
Oga no vex oo..
Hah.. i no vex since u don explain wetin delay u now, i no vex .

He rushed in and brought out my clothes for me and rushed back outside..

By the time i checked the time, it was almost 11 am.

I rushed home reflecting on the incident that happened to the laundry man as i remembered wrist bangle abi na legchain was also coming to my own house with a lady..ANYWAY, God don cancel that one plan as na me go use that room tonight.. .

I tried to call the babe to explain to her what caused the delay but she was not picking.. perhaps she was already pissed ,,omo lomo.. she might already be there waiting for me to come. I cant imagine how she will be feeling there all alone.

I quickly wore my red suit, blue tie, white shirt and black trousers and set out to hotel..throughout my journey to the hotel ,i was calling her, but she didnt pick up .. this girl dey quick vex ooo..

To Be Continued…

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