-My Valentine Experience

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A Story written by @iamsynord… (Ff @iamsynord on twitter)…

February 14th, D DAY


I couldnt wait for tomorrow to come as na so so thoughts dey come my mind. ;). i couldnt sleep..EARLY the next morning before i brushed ,i quickly went to the ATM to withdraw some cash for today ‘s outing and expenses.. i was afraid a lot of people might want to withdraw and thus the closest atm to my house might not dispense if i go there late.

I withdrew the last 7000 naira in my account and went back home.i had done most of the cleaning the day before so there was not much to do concerning the outlook of the room.i went outside to check my red suit which i washed yesterday around 11pm after the babe called.. Thank God ,it was dry… :-*

I took it along side my white shirt and trousers to the laundry man and told him to iron with better cassava as it is for an important thing :P..Haven done every other necessary thing , i sent her a message around 10am about the date we fixed for 11 and she replied in affirmative.

Still Obinoscopy hotel abi ?
Yes ..abi you have somewhere better in my mind? she replied
Nooo .. i just wanted to confirm ..

Choi, he be like say he dey this girl body gan.. she specifically requested we used an hotel restaurant. After the date ,, na to go my house oo, i no get money for any yeye hotel room. hehehe

… i went back to the laundry man shop to collect my clothes ,only to discover that he has locked the shop and was nowhere to be found…

Hahah…where did he go ..i tried to inquire from his neighbours but they could not provide a valid answer.

I picked my phone and dialled his number ..

Haha oga where my cloth naa..
Oga abeg no vex no vex abeg … .. something popped up in my house ni o ..

How does that disturb my own cloth ? ehn ..
Oga please i go soon come naw…abeg i take God beg you

Haha.. wetin be this na GOD, shey na ankara dis man wan make i wear go to the date ….

To Be Continued…

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