-My Valentine Experience

Read Story: My Valentine Experience… Part 5

A Story written by @iamsynord… (Ff @iamsynord on twitter)…

The number did not belong to prettythicksme so i was sure it wasnt her.. who could be sending me call me its important this night ??.I no own anybody money..

… Out of curiosity, i quickly borrowed airtime from empty hen and called the number.

Lo and behold, it was one of these undergraduate babes i have been chasing .. initially she was among my first eleven that i wanted to call and ask out for the day but i thought she would be engaged that day or might not accept my offer. Well, it seems my guess was wrong .

She introduced herself and almost immediately started lamenting how i had forgotten about her , didnt call her , didnt ask of her wherebouts , didnt ask of her father , her mother , her family , bla bla bla and i had to start apologizing for what i did and i did not do..

Ok oooo.. she then asked me if i had anywhere i will be going tomorrow and i said no..
: hmmn, we kuku sabi say na your girl wey u wan carry go tomorrow dey your mind naw.. not going out with anybody ooo..
Why are u lying eh ?? We that we kuku dont have anybody taking us out have accepted our fate..

OMO !!!!!! As a sharp guy ,i sharply decode and one thing led to another , she said she was “ considering “ giving me a chance if am ready to show my care and love .. AND before we look left , look right , we fixed a date for tomorrow..

.Unbelievable. few moments ago , i was just lamenting about my baeless valentine celebration only for an unxpected babe to show up ?/ indeed, God is wonderful, God is wonderful. He is the miracle working GOD.

i went to bed feeling fulfilled and thinking about plans for tomorrow. I cant wait to shame my guys by showing up to their hood later with the bae and more importantly, taking her home to “chill further “2mao.. Wristbangle is on his own tomorrow be that oo..

Omo see free ********* church service.. which service one pass this one wey God give me so ?? . God punish devil.. wetin i wan go find for church ?? Na with this babe me go do my church service oo.

To Be Continued…

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