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Read Story: My Valentine Experience… Part 4

A Story written by @iamsynord… (Ff @iamsynord on twitter)…

I had some potential babes on my list i could actually take out for the day… i would just need to chyke them and at least i should be able to see one free one that would love to hang out tomorrow. So Help me GOD.
.. i checked and checked and tried to narrow it down to the beautiful ones i can be seen with anytime, any day.. they were up to like 7.. next,i narrowed it down to the single ones or those i think should be single, thus dropping the number to 5..
By the time i reasoned those that were mostly to accept my request for a val date without giving me much trouble or draining my pocket.. , ……the number dropped to three.

Prettythicksme.. michella and nikkylawve.
As there was no time to waste , i set out to business. I should be able to see one that would love to go with me …even though we are not dating but still yet at least for me to experience this vall ish.. Even if its just this once.. To shame my critics dem.

I called prettythicksme almost up to 15 times but she refused to pick.. at a time it said switched off.. it was then i remembered she was using a java phone with some call problems and a battery that is always low.

Next i dialed michella number.. she picked once and we did the usual greeting greeting, long time , how are you, have you eaten ..bullshit. I used almost 3 mins to greet her as my heart was beating very fast and i was very nervous.

At last i took the courage and maneuvered my way to the question….Her reply shocked me.she just laughed and laughed before she cut me off the line.. The reason for her laughter i don’t know…. what i said was not even funny.just a simple question :-

Discouraged by the earlier two results, i didn’t even bother to call the third lady…i just dropped my phone and did a general cleaning of my room as wristbangle is expected to come tomorrow with his babe.

8 36pm GEREGE ON FEB 13th

I suddenly saw a notification on my phone.. as i was not using a whats app enabled phone, i knew it had to be a message .. it must be those mtn people with their text 5676 to 41985 for valentine news or text val to 3524 to enjoy romantic texts .Reluctantly, i went to check the message and got the surprise of my life.

It was a message from a number that was not too familiar.
it read “ call me very important”..

To Be Continued…

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