-My Valentine Experience

Read Story: My Valentine Experience… Part 3

A Story written by @iamsynord… (Ff @iamsynord on twitter)…

Later in the evening , i decided to take a stroll to my guy,tosyne2much face me i face you house . i knew he was also baeless and would surely be home,probably typing another list ..

. At least , we two baeless guys could find something interesting to discuss aside this val, val ish…..We could start from how we will photobomb a celebrity photoshoot or open up a business on verifying fake and original bags for people.. i go fit use that one cool off my sadness a bit.

On getting there , i met four of my other guys chilling there.. ..drizslim, eleniyan15, iheanyi50 and Richie0974.

Eh eh eh ..pastor boo boo.
Haha pastor boo …boo the boo. long time no see.

. We greeted and they offered me a seat as tosyne focused on taking another spoonful of garri from his cup .

Con join me.. tosyne invited halfheartedly ,praying i say no.
he get milk ?
he get sugar ?
he get groundnut ?
no .. he replied again.

..Tor. i no want .. Wait first , why all of una gather dey here ,, wetin dey happen.. Wetin all of una carry paper dey do , i said on sighting my friend ,drizslim with a piece of paper and a biro..

( Everybody bursts into laughter)

Seriously now guys ,,abeg wetin dey sele.
Guy,, tomorrow na val na … u dey dull am ..
Wetin una wan come dey do with paper.. ?/ i asked again ,trying to see the correlation.
Na things wey we go buy for our chicks oo we dey reason oo.We dey try reason how we go plan am wey the thing go plum …. Eleniyan15 said happily

Boo, abi u go advise me wetin to buy my bae ..Haa sorry i don forget .. u no even get bae at all ….

( general laughter )

Tosyn , you sef dey follow dem laugh as if say u get any babe for tomorrow.. i said in an attempt to find someone to share the insults with me..
haha.. see you.. me i don upgrade oo.. i go dey post 10 dis.ten dat list all these years, i no go see one babe wey go trip wey i go see catch
na lie dey lie ni
see you.. so all dose list i dey write na 4 play?? .. the suit for my dp, you think say na play.. why u think say i change the background with photoshop ??

Not until he showed me the babe ‘s nairaland moniker,their pictures together and their chat before i knew , verily.verily. he will not be celebrating this year”s val baeless…

I left that place really ashamed and embarrassed .. the jest making and insults was too much as all of the dem just dey yab me left, right center .The thing really pained me ( in falz voice ) but i kept my cool in order to avoid any fracas. Throughout my stay there, my predicament was the topic of discussion.

I got home feeling really bitter ,, i almost wept but as a man , i had to manage my emotions and weep internally inside my own stomach as i sat down ruminating on my life….no wonder suicide rates dey increase. how person dey take commit suicide no dey pass this one ? A whole me..? Na me dem con turn me into a subject of ridicule ? … Even tosyne don get babe to celebrate with for this val ??

I was still in this bad mood using one bottle of origin to cool off when suddenly an idea came into my mind .

To Be Continued…

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