-My Valentine Experience

Read Story: My Valentine Experience… Part 2

A Story written by @iamsynord… (Ff @iamsynord on twitter)…

All these things got me yearning seriously for a babe .. and more importantly one to celebrate valentine with this year.. i cant imagine never celebrating val with anyone untill i married.. me and me wife go con dey house dey give each others flowers dem and all that..

.. iro oh .. i must taste it before marriage..

I sat down at home thinking about my life… no babe.. nothing nothing at this age ?? choi… shey i no need to go wash my head for olumba olumba so.

I spent the next 2 hours playing pes 2016 and getting defeated each time .. i kukuma had no lectures and no place to go ,, so una no fit really blame me. tomorrow na membership revival for church and special val programme , make i dey prepare for church small small jare.

Around 3 30pm that same day ,wristbangle came to see me.. i already knew wetin he find come … he came to ask if my room will be free for tomorrow ..

Oga boo..
Haha far naw ..
I dey oo ..i dey ..

This was how he has been coming for the past valentines for 2 solid years. White oh , black oo,,, every val day , he will surely pop up with one girl.. With my well furnished room and all amenities included therein especially my fat and super large extemely soft bed ,, he knew every deed done in my room will surely be unforgettable. By now , he was like a younger brother to me and occasionally , i assist him financially and give him food stuffs . i was like his big ‘ broff ‘ ..Something like a school daddy.

.. He thanked me and asked about my own plans for the day and he got the usual answer..


But bros i dey always tell you ,,i get all dese babes for hand wey i fit give you naw…which one u go need ?
Ehn no worry..
Haha bros body no be firewood naww…ehn..why u..
Haha i say dont worry se .. ehn dont worry ehn,,u just dey enjoy yourself go..jare o ri e..

I then quickly rushed in to ease myself in the toilet while leaving my phone behind as he checked some videos and all …. i came back and we discussed few other things.

Ok bro …. na tomorrow evening be that ..
Ok guy.. no be p … no be p..sha no forget use protection..
Haa always boss ,always ..he said smiling as he left.

Truely, Wristbangle fit supply me girls but no,, i no go ever gree collect dose girls.. these so call girls he rolls with were mostly low class girls who were nowhere my level and status… most were young and underage,.. they hardly knew left from right,, i cant imagine bringing myself so low to descend upon those’ miscrings’ . Never ..not now not ever.

To Be Continued…

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