-My Valentine Experience

Read Story: My Valentine Experience… Part 14

A Story written by @iamsynord… (Ff @iamsynord on twitter)…

I woke up probably some days after in an unknown hospital … i opened my eyes for the first time and looked around. The first person i saw was an old man with unkempt beards, sitting right next to me..

Haa,, ola ju ( he has opened his eyes )…, Adupe oo.. adupe oo.. doctor….

Where is Bunmi ?? i asked
Bunmi ??……
Yes….. bunmi.. she was with me, she was with….
( cuts in ) Mr boo, you are asking of bunmi ?? one guy in the room asked me , and he seemed a liitle confused.

Yes.. yes.. i said agitated.. You see.. i said trying to stand up a bit in order to emphasize my point..
No no.. easy.. easy .. The old man cautioned me ..
We were together the day we were attacked . we were attacked.. have u found out where she is, pls where is she ??..Please what happened to her ?? Somebody say something ..
Mr boo, this your tactics wont work ?
What do u mean ?? i asked, confused and uncertain about the whole situation.
Bunmi was found dead . We have reasonable evidence to believe you murdered miss bunmi , after you raped her and then threw her body away. We have been waiting for the past 48 hours for you to get back so we could arrest you and bring you in for more investigation … And as we can see, i think you are fit enough now..

Inspector jegede…
Inspector Calypso


Mr boo ,, you are under arrest for the murder and Molest of miss s p bunmi .. you have the right to remain silent as anything said by you here and at the station will be used against you in the court of law ..

Haha..oga olopa ..he is not yet fit.. he is still recovering please, he is .. the old man begged ..
Baba.. if not that you are an old man ,.. please u have done your part ,, unless you will love to join him to the station..
Yes , .. yes baba.. officers,,Now take him

Doctor.. the old man voiced again to the doctor,in disapproval of my arrest..

The doctor just shook his head and made a very heavy statement “ He is a murderer. Its beyond my power “

In all these, i stood there dumbfonded, shaking.. i felt a loud bang revolving round my head.. am i to be saddened by the news that bunmi is actually dead or by the fact that i am actually labelled as the murderer..

I say move or i will be forced to shoot ..

Valentine brought me to this .. IT was this Valentine day that led to bunmi”s death.. Valentine is going to lead me to jail. I am innocent BUT surely, there is more to the case than meets the eyes.. and i will stop at nothing to unravel it.


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