-My Valentine Experience

Read Story: My Valentine Experience… Part 12

A Story written by @iamsynord… (Ff @iamsynord on twitter)…

We held hands as we walked out of the venue.. i was immensely happy and joy filled my heart.. i cant remember the last time , i felt this happy,.. we smiled and talked happily as we walked a few miles to stop a taxi..

. We got home and i never even enter house wella when i grabbed her. She sef grab me back.. no time..

. it was only midway i remembered i had no protection…omo na val i plan for oo, no be pregnancy.. i sharpaly told her that i needed to quickly get something edible outside and she insisted on following me..

No don’t bother …..
Haha, are u going to see another girl
… Haha,, no ooo.
.. Ehn, lets go naw..

Chai… This Girl was going to spoil my surprise for her ..

We went out .. i was still looking for a way to divert her attention when we get to the food seller so i can quickly get the condom when we suddenly we saw a taxi rush towards me.

. MY thought was that the taxi stopped for us, thinking we were going somewhere . ,i moved closer to tell him we were not heading anywhere..

, i cant really remember but it happened all within a twinkle of an eye.

One , two ,three , i cant exactly remember the number of guys that rushed towards us with dangerous objects.. whether it was cutlass, hoe, stick .. i don’t remember

.. and no they didn’t bother to force me in , or push me inside the car…. the last thing i remembered was a masked guy approaching with one of the weapons and gbam .. i Blacked out as screams of help me , help me ,boo ,boo echoed from a seemingly familiar female voice .


To Be Continued…

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