-My Valentine Experience

Read Story: My Valentine Experience… Part 11

A Story written by @iamsynord… (Ff @iamsynord on twitter)…

Towards the end of the party,I no fit hold am again..

. i took her to a secluded place and kissed her . she responded well .. e don dey her body too… we kissed and smooched so hard .. i almost couldn’t control myself as i struggled to shift her undies.. i think i was a bit high and though she refused alcohol at first , i forced her to take some and i think she was high too..

We were still at it when some other horny couple came into our secret hideout , ready for the action not minding that we came first.

BOO, lets get out of here.. she said, her voice thick with emotion and love.

hah just like that ;D

I didn’t even have to tell her to follow me home, or that this will happen tonight. I guess she already knew and prepared for this as well.. THEN MY HOME IT IS.

To Be Continued…

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