-My Valentine Experience

Read Story: My Valentine Experience… Part 10

A Story written by @iamsynord… (Ff @iamsynord on twitter)…

I had one of the best dates of my whole life.. i had only three in the past but this fourth one, it was the best

. She was the best.. she responded well , she answered well, she didnt eat much, she didnt asked too much questions, she gave me control , she smiled all thru, her gestures were very suggestive, she listened .. IN FACT,she was perfect.

Deep inside, i knew i had finally found a new babe for myself.. the date was totally fun and exciting for me.

I couldn’t stop staring at her massive behind as we left the restaurant. It was this wondeful architetural design called her back that attracted me to her in the first place but after this night, i loved her more for her attitude and character,, , i loved her for everything because everything about her was just perfect ..

… And i was going to surprise her today with a wonderful gift. I had decided to keep it for myself but i think she deserves it more than i do.. and tonight, i am going to ask her to be my one and only ….. i just couldn’t wait.

We then headed to a nearby open field val party nearby where we had a lot of fun with performances from airforce1, iamsynord and andyblaze.. we danced and danced, drinks and food ,lovers competition, jokes.. i had the wildest and best fun ever as she twerked and rolled her Buttocks on me. She rocked me to my satisfaction mehn.. . oh my GOD. This is the best night ever.

To Be Continued…

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