-Two Realms (Romance Thriller)

Read Story: Two Realms (Romance Thriller)… Part 10

A story written by INEGBENOISE OSEODION OSAGIE. (07068221839, 08093828575, [email protected])

Richard could hear the chirping of the crickets jumping outside his bedroom. This time, he enjoyed it and didn’t shut the bedroom windows. Nothing than their chirping and the blustering of Ezinne’s showering could have best created the moment.
She walked out of the bathroom, coated with the soap’s fragrance, which added to the moment. Richard inhaled all of her as she dawdled to the wardrobe for her nightgown. He decided it was better he asked the question before she clothed. He sauntered to her behind and held her trim, slender waist. Her gaze fell on him and remained there as he brought out the ring case from his trouser pocket.
“I want to marry you, Ezinne. Will you be my wife?” Holding the ring, he looked fixedly into her small, round eyes, but couldn’t find an answer there. She kept looking and looking, but didn’t speak. It was surprise. Yes, it was, and she would soon be over it. She would soon say the word. His year break in LA wasn’t enough for her to say otherwise.
His name wasn’t important at the now.
“Rick… Yes Rick, I’ll marry you.”
He lifted her into his arms and complemented her smile with a wider one. “We’ll be having two girls and two boys.”
Joining lips with hers, he laid her atop the mattress. Sooner, he wouldn’t be balancing both worlds. A wife, a home, all in one world, one complete world, one complete faith. But now, he had just proposed and got a yes. For this little time before they climbed the altar, God, please forgive him. He ripped off her towel and pressed himself against her. God, he prayed, please forgive.


He greeted her with a good-morning kiss. She yawned and stretched arms, her first sign of tiredness after a rough night. He rose from the bed, did a short prayer and lumbered into the bathroom.
When done bathing, he turned on the lights and met her eyes.
Her helpless self was stretched on the bed, and the memory of the hospital girl slunk into him. He eased closer to her and sat by her. A second good morning kiss fully opened her eyes.
“There’s something I’d like us to discuss,” he said.
“What’s it?”
“It’s concerning that kleptomaniac.”
She spun herself fully to him. “What happened to her?”
“She will soon be discharged.”
“She’s cured?”
“Will be. Very soon. It’s a process. The therapist said there is one last thing. He said she should lodge here for about a month so she can create close ties with us. It’s needed to effectively complete her therapy.”
The whir of the ceiling fan amplified. It soared until Ezinne’s words came forth. “When is she coming?”
“I’ll talk with the therapist.”


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