-The Journey (18+)

Read Story: The Journey (18+)… Part 7

A story written by lord Zeus, (569B543C)…

…… As if they were two people in the room well i knock then i saw jessy and an elderly woman which i suppose should be her mum, i greeted her and answered nicely, jessy did the normal introduction and everything, then i left but deep down me i wasn’t happy i was just grumbling, i grumbled till i got into my room they lay on my bed angry with thoughts of what could have went down that night before you could say jack i have slept off.

Woke up the next morning around 7 mum was ready same as dad, then they told me they will be back on Sunday in the evening i should take care of my self i saw them off down stairs, then as they drove past the gate i just turned around saw jessy already by the window i just shaked my head then next thing she gave me the “F**K YOU” sign i just kept smiling for my mind i dey look the kind jackpot of kitty kat wey i win that weekend as soon as i got up i called busola to inquire of when she would come she said maybe the next morning but i should send my address incase but she is at work oce she closes she would let me know. Then within seconds have sent it to her. As id roped my phone went to look for what to eat, i come begin they reason how my weekend go be, i begin dey calculate am,

na him i sit down o ontop our 3 sitter dey blast soundcity dey jump up and down come dey run some raps me wey no sabi the way i dey sing am sef if the owner of the song hear me he fit sue me for damages to him property next thing na jessy just come with one cake sey na her mumsy say make i collect i collect am, the next thing she just tell me na say, how tonight go be i come say to night too far now atleast wetin she dey see now, then she said she is a bit busy now but she would be back, omo i just run arrange two rooms one for busola which is our guest room but i doubt if she go enter there stay, and the other na my room prepared for the wrestling match between i and jessy….i never finish jessy don return o the first she said was that noise is too much na him she carry remote sit down for 3 sitter change channel to fashion tv omo i just dey look am dey admire the singlet with braless top wey she wear and a very small short wey she no even do the upper button wey come release a partly show of her yellow [email protected] them no tell me before my head and my J0yst!ck come to shaun,

na so i open my mouth dey look am i was so carried away, next thing na loud noise i hear na him i soji back o, then she said she has called my name thrice but i never answered i wanted saying something but nothing came out then i just collected the remote put it at mtv base make rap bass dey flow, omo she jack the remote for my hand change channel, omo na there i come dey notice there girls scope we come dey play am as per baby before i knew it we fell on our self on the couch she was up i was down then i was still like gimme my remote then she just dipped it straight into her [email protected] omo my head coe swell infact wanted bursting i was like wow, i just wanted to remove it then she held my hand and guided my hands down her bump short, the remote flew of and she planted a deep kissing on my lips which i responded almost immediately, she off her singlet she wasn’t putting any bra her tits wear all out grabbed one started licking the Tips instantly then held them from under, squeezing it as i was doing so, she was puling down my knickers i wasn’t wearing a boxer so instantly my J0yst!ck jump of was stiff then she started stroking it up and down with the help of my pre Pour making it smooth before we knew it we had our to my room then she pulled of all her clothes she was starked unclad then knelt and gave me a delicious mouth gig, i was as if i am on top of the world forgetting all my sorrows,

i was still playing with her b0s0m i wasn’t too patient on sexing her so she la!d down legs wide open her little hairy [email protected] was well exposed showing the pink inside but this time the colour has change to red then i just slided it in and started pounding her so furiously that we were both lost in s£nsat!on we never noticed her mum was calling not until when i was on the peak of cuming then i heard a large bang on the door the i rushed to Pour i cumed on the floor went to check forget how loud i left the sound on while she quickly dress then i opned and saw her mum with a stern face that the music was so loud then i appologise and locked the door saw jessy wearing her bump short but her cums were driping down her tighs this aroused me the more i went hard again to ask for more but she kissed and said “WE GAT ALL NIGHT”……I sighed and said good bye…….

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