-Sexx In The Traffic (18+)

Read Story: Sexx In The Traffic (18+)… Part 6

A Story written by Luvp…

Gosh! It felt really good, at this juncture I was already thinking of how to tell her we should go to the back seat. The side glasses at the back are tinted and going by the fact that people in other vehicles might code what’s going on especially if the rain subsides during our action film. While I was still lost in thoughts she took my head off her Bosom, bent down and took the whole of my OGA in her warm mouth. The feeling was heavenly, I just let out a soft moan, placed my hands on her head urging her to ride on. She kept sucking me professionally like that’s what she does for a living. I pressed down my slide button to flatten the car sit and slide it backwards a bit. I tried pushing my di*k deeper into her mouth which made choke spilling saliva down to my testes. I pushed her head up, placed her head down on the flattened chair, took her lips, placed my hands on the upper clits and starting stroking her v spot in an upward/downward movement. I used my left hands to lift her cloth, broke off the kiss and used my tongue to gently tickle her belle button which made her increase her moan. I repositioned myself by moving towards her own side of the seat which I adjusted to give me more space. I parted her legs, used my hands to adjust her panties while she held my erect OGA and carefully guided it into her wet pus*y. Immediately she felt my OGA she moaned in a different tone that sounded more like an Indian song. I didn’t want to start slamming her up immediately so I gave her some time to get used to the feel before i….

To Be Continued…

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