-Sexx In The Traffic (18+)

Read Story: Sexx In The Traffic (18+)… Part 5

A Story written by Luvp…

I increased the tempo, licking her tongue, lips and swallowing as much saliva as I could. By this time her moaning was increasing and the sound of the rain was equally adding it’s own rhythm to ours. After about 10mins or so I guess (cos I wasn’t keeping tab) we kinda slowed down. She managed to say “please let’s stop”. I couldn’t believe my ears, this was someone that was so engrossed and was even moaning. She looked me in the face and said ‘we shouldn’t be doing this luvpuna’. I froze for a moment and tried gathering myself together to make sure I hit the right note. Mind you, my car was already parked by the roadside although there was still traffic gridlock coupled with a heavy downpour. I thought of the best line of scopes to use to put her back on track and I couldn’t just come up with anything. I held her hands, looked into her eyes and said to her ” you are irresistible and am willing to do anything to make you mine. If only you could see my heart then you would know that you are all my heart yearns for. Let’s forget about the s*x, I truly want you for real.
Then the long awaited question just came “don’t tell me you don’t have a girlfriend or a fiancée sef” I just smiled and said “so u didn’t believe me when I told you that I was single and searching?”. I didn’t let say any other thing before I placed my lips on hers and she responded almost immediately. We continued kissing, I I brought my lips down to her hard Tips and sucked it like a suckling babe, used my hands to separate her panties and dipped my hands in her V spot. Her moaning was really turning me on, I took her hands and placed it on my OGA only for her to unzip my trousers, wrapped up my Joystick and was squeezing it while touching the tip lightly.

To Be Continued…

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