-Sexx In The Traffic (18+)

Read Story: Sexx In The Traffic (18+)… Part 1

A Story written by Luvp.

It was on a fateful Thursday evening while I was heading home from work. The weather was cloudy and quite breezy showing that the heavens would soon let out a heavy downpour. After I’ve driven for about 5mins from Asokoro junction towards AYA, I met a very horrible traffic gridlock and someone was seriously waving me down. I was able to see her through my rear view mirror and she finally caught up with me because of the traffic. The way she called out my name gave me no option but to reluctantly help her open the front door.
I couldn’t recall where I knew her from but it was obvious I’ve seen that face before. When she was fully seated, the first thing she said was Uniabuja and immediately my mind raced back to where I knew her from. She was a schoolmate of mine way back when I was in school, although we were not friends but i knew very well. She was quite notorious and her lodge was close to where I resided then.
Well after the normal exchange of pleasantries and flattery, I asked her where she was heading to and she said I should drop her off at nyanya. All this while we were still stuck in traffic and it was already raining heavily.

To Be Continued…

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