-The Painful Pleasure

Read Story: The Painful Pleasure (TPP)… Part 3

Since they all came before me, i just had to wait till they are
done with theirs.
I sat down with the other four people on a long bench. “How
much is the registration?” I asked the young girl sitting next
to me (who looked quite pretty), “good afternoon” she
answered. “Please pardon my manners, that should have
been my line.” I said to her. She answered and said, “No
problem anyway, i didn’t mean it that way, i just greeted you
because i felt i had to, there is no big deal. Anyway, the guy
said the registration is 1000 naira with printing.”
The price seemed quite much, but i didn’t want to create a
seen or be a nuisance since that’s what all others paid. So
while we were waiting, i just enjoyed a conversation with
that pretty young girl beside me.
Me: So you are here to do your registration too?
Girl: Obviously, what else would i be doing in a cafe?
Me: You could be trying to browse the internet or
Girl: So if that’s what I’m here for, will i be waiting for those
guys to be through with their registration?
Me: That’s true (nodding my head in agreement ), since we
started talking, you’ve only asked questions. So, should i call
you miss question?
Girl: You don’t have to call me that, because i have a name
Me: So with this your beauty, your name must be princess.
Girl: (Blushing) Don’t wine me joor.(now smiling like
sobosobo) I’m not princess o, I’m Sandra. So what’s your
name, Prince?
Me: Prince ke, my name is Dapo o. Its nice meeting you
(stretching my hands to shake her)
Sandra: The pleasure is mine (shaking hands with me). .
We talked on and on, and she told me that she was admitted
to study philosophy. I waited until it was my turn, then I did
my registration. Sandra left and waved me, “see you in
school” she said. i waved her back, and she smiled from
afar. It was when i saw that smile that it occurred to me that
i should have asked for her number. But it was too late, she
had gone already. “I may never see her again.” I said to
myself. I just forgot about her since we have more than
25,000 people in OAU.
I finished my registration and went back home, preparing
for school.

What happened next? Find out in Episode 4

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