-The Painful Pleasure

Read Story: The Painful Pleasure (TPP)… Part 2

Trembling with so much fear, i pressed the middle key, there
came my result. I looked at it, and behold, it was ‘255’.
I shouted so loud, that my mum heard my voice in the shop
“Thank you Jesus” I couldn’t believe my eyes, with a JAMB
score of 235, that is an aggregate (Jamb+postutme divided
by 2) of 245 which is enough to study microbiology (my first
choice) since the cutoff for microbiology the previous year
was 240.
I started rolling on the floor with so much Joy. My mother
(who had heard my voice earlier) came in. “Dapo what is it”
she enquired. I just gave my phone to her, then she saw my
result, no adjective can qualify the look on her face on that
fateful day, she was just too happy as she didn’t know what
to say. She opened her mouth, and what came out was “ose
oko mi” as tears of joy started rolling down her both chicks.
This means; “thank you my husband”. (This is how Yoruba
mothers do when they are very happy with you, they call
you “oko mi” which means “my husband”)
Well, I’m her husband, since she has lost her husband since
8 years and I’m the only one she has. “I knew you will make
it”, she said to me, hugging me tight with so much Joy. She
went to the market, bought life-chicken, killed and fried for
me. I ate the chiken with garri, garnished with sugar and
milk (that was the best meal i had that year). My mum was
so happy, indeed that day was the happiest day of my life.
All these happened August 12 2010, and by November, the
admission list was out and as expected, i was given my
course of choice- Microbiology.
For those in OAU, you will agree with me that OAU is a
university that gives you admission today, and then you
resume in ten years time (that’s just exaggeration o). I saw
my admission status in November, and we were to resume
June of the following year, because there was ASUU strike
then which disrupted the school callendar. Well, it’s an
advantage for me, since it would give my mum enough time
to source for my fees.
So my mum did all she could, and got the fees, what a
wonderful woman she is. Though that period appeared to be
so slow, because i had waited for years at home and can’t
wait to resume school. As long as it seems, the day drew
near and it was just a month to resumption.
Behold, it was time for online registeration, i couldn’t do it
on my phone because it includes uploading of scanned
WAEC/NECO result, birth certificate, signature and the likes.
So i had to go to the Cafe. So i went to ‘God’s Grace’ (A
famous cafe in Apata, Ibadan) to upload my WAEC result
which was full of C’s and just 2 B’s (It wasn’t bad anyway)
and other documents. When i got there i discovered that
there were 5 people already waiting to do that same online
registration. That was where i met Sandra.

Who is Sandra? Find out in Episode 3.

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