-The Painful Pleasure

Read Story: The Painful Pleasure (TPP)… Part 1

I waited patiently as the phone loaded slowly due to the
poor network. Believe me, network is always very slow
whenever one wants to check result.
It was my third post UTME in the prestigious Obafemi
Awolowo University. My first and second post UTME result
was 168 and 199 respectively, i could remember vividly that
my mum (who gathered money from her petty trade of
fruits) said to me having seen my second trial result “If only
they were so nice to add one mark, you would have gotten
Well, she was very sad, but she still encouraged me (without
even talking about the money with which she obtained the
form for me). She just said that i should try more, she said ”
ti esin ba da ni, a maan tun gun ni” which means that; when
a horse makes one fall, we try climbing again. . .
I was so lost in thought, all i could think of was my mum
who had been struggling to make me someone in life. She
has been doing all these alone since i lost my father when i
was ten in a fatal accident along Lagos-Ibadan express way
(that was some 8 years back). Since I’m the only child, she
has only shown me so much care and affection, and i can’t
afford to fail post utme the third time. . .
All these was going through my mind, and my thoughts were
too crowded to notice that the result has loaded, and is right
on the screen staring at me. I snapped out of my thoughts to
discover that ‘the bridegroom’ is here, all i needed to do was
to ‘zoom’ on my outdated Blackberry tour that i bought
(3000 Naira, UK used) with my life savings. Trembling with so
much fear, i pressed the middle key, there came my result. I
looked at it, and behold. . . .
What exactly did he score?

Find out in Episode two.

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