-My One Chance Fuckscapede (18+)

Read Story: My One Chance Fuckscapede (18+)… Part 7

A Story written by Therock5555

She sat on the edge of the bed and kept watching the on going movie, I must have dozed off as I lay on the bed because when I opened my eyes some minutes later, she was also lying down at the other side, her eyes were closed, her night gown opened, her Bosom were heaving slowly, up and down, her left hand was near her mouth as she sucked on her thumb, I followed her right hand down to her lap, she was holding the TV remote and from where I lay I could see the remote moving in circles.

She must have been Hot as hell and thought I had slept off so she decided to please herself instead, why she rejected my offer earlier baffled me, maybe she thought I was an amateur and could bite her clit off. A hush moan escaped her lips, an idea entered my mind. Slowly I rolled off the bed, trying as much as possible not to startle her. I hit the ground with a low thud, I laid still, another moan escaped her lips, phew, she hadn’t realize yet.

Steadily I crawled like a snake towards her, then raised my head in-between her legs, her eyes was still closed as I saw the wonders of the remote, she was using the base of the poor remote to circle round her swollen clit, chaiiiiii and I dey sleep like idiot, I made a mental note not to touch ladies TV remotes, atleast the base though.

Slowly I lifted myself on my forearm and edge towards her, slowly I blew hot air from her mouth causing her to shudder and squeeze her thigh slightly, she almost touched me but I bent low quickly, she fastened her actions when I started round two of breeze blowing, then a thought entered my mind, if I continued like that, I was no different from a standing fan so I had to take matters into my hands, how TV remote go bench me.

I licked my tongue dry and took a deep breath before slowly licking from her inner thigh upwards, as soon as my tongue touched her, the shooting sweet sensation tore through her body before realisation thought her that a remote didn’t own a tongue, in reflex she snapped her thigh round my head like a vice and opened her eyes in shock.

“What are you trying to do?” She asked.

“I wan dig borehole” I said in my mind, “babe calm down lemme show you what a remote can’t do” I chided instead and pushed her back down.

She murmured something I didn’t care to find out and laid still, I took over, as I continued with my air blowing tactics, she shuddered again, this time I went higher and kissed her navel, then trailed my tongue downwards to her clit, she was initially forming James bond but when I lightly bit her clit she moaned in joy, slowly I licked her clit and finally inserted a finger into that moist hole of hers, she was wet as Bleep drenching the bed she laid on, I conjoined licking and fingering as she trashed away in mild ecstacy.

“Baby I’m Approaching” she warned but I was ready for it, after all nothing beats paying back for ones sins in full. She grabbed my head as I increased the twirling of my tongue as she came hard, almost jolting my head from my neck with her hips round my neck. She wept as the after feeling continued, sometimes I envy the ladies anatomy, the spend an average twenty seconds enjoying climax while we the male folks have only six to eight seconds of pleasure to enjoy before a sleep inducing effect

To Be Continued…

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