-My One Chance Fuckscapede (18+)

Read Story: My One Chance Fuckscapede (18+)… Part 6

A Story written by Therock5555

I stood waiting like a child that was caught stealing meat and was awaiting his dad that went to fetch his cane, I was distraught to say the truth, even when I’m dreaming I’ve never cummed in thirty seconds. If that I located that village witch working against my destiny, I would have used her for jungle justice even though I’m against that act. It felt like my life flash before me as I once again allowed my dicck to control my brain. I stared down to look at the naughty thing.

“Chiiisssssooooossss” I screamed when I looked down. Nooooooo, that couldn’t be the dickk that was raging like a mad bull for more than a hour, that could not be what just disgraced me, I had to raise it up to confirm the fact that the girl didn’t swallow it with my Pour, luckily the head was still intact but the body was no where to be found. The stupid dicck had shrinked to the barest minimum, my dickk and that of a three year old child wasn’t any different, it was sleeping like an innocent baby, I quickly scanned the ground to see if part of it cut and fell on the ground. Which kin low self esteem was that, it was baffling to me, abi this girl Na winch, nahhh God pass her. I was brought back to reality when the toilet was flushed and she came out brooding.

“You lost your voice when you wanted to release?” She snorted at me.

I just folded my arms around my chest, my head down, my dickk looking like a crayon, suddenly even to say sorry developed wings out of my mouth, I couldn’t even say shiit. She went into a rage and threw my boxer at me, I caught it gratefully and wore it, then continued standing there like I was expecting her to punish me. After like a minute she turned and screamed again.

“Should I beg you to leave my house before you get out? I thought you were man enough, but now I know you are those kind of guys that carry big package for nothing, abeg get out jare”

I shuddered at her words as I scanned round the room searching for my trousers, in her anger she was oblivious of the fact that she hid my trousers, I sighted it behind her window curtain so I made to go get it when I stopped and burst into laughter, she stared at me so hard that she thought I had finally gone nuts, of course i had, you know that kind of thought that pour into your head in an awkward situation and you couldn’t help but laugh out loud at least forgetting your sorrows for awhile.

“What’s funny?” She spitted.

“Remember you washed my shirt, maybe you could borrow me your bra and blouse let me use to reach house” I said still laughing.

She tried to scrowl at me, then she smiled as my words hit home before she bursted out laughing too. “Maybe I’ll add my weavon for you to and lipstick” she added.

“Maybe, your heels too” I was relishing the moment.

We laughed together like a newly wedded couple then as soon as the laughter ended, we both frown again but at least I was in a calmer mood.
“Baby I’m sorry, I guess I was already yearning for climax even before you began, please don’t be mad at me” I pleaded.

“You would atleast have told me joor, it’s my first time swallowing it and it was not cool of you at all, it’s alright, just wait for your cloth to dry and then you could leave.”

“So won’t you allow me to make amends?”

“See guy don’t provoke me, if not you would go home with a wet shirt immediately.”

“Okay, aunty, don’t vex Biko, I’ll respect myself please till the shirt dry” I concluded and slided to the other side of the bed.

To Be Continued…

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