-My One Chance Fuckscapede (18+)

Read Story: My One Chance Fuckscapede (18+)… Part 3

A Story written by Therock5555…

Two more boys, and her and I was supposed to be next when my village people struck, the teller ran out in my line. The man giving the teller asked my line to join the other line, my eyes watered as I realized the motion where I’ll go start a line from back again. I contemplated going home when another window open, a man put his head out and spoke.

“I have about thirty tellers here so some students should come here”

It sounded in our eyes like “Dasuki wan share the money wey him loot and he want thirty people to come help am chop am” the race was for only the fast and furious, Vin Diesel would have looked like a learner when he saw guys stunting on themselves, girls with Bruce Lee structures joined the fight to, breasts were pressed without comments or complaints, yansh were squeezed, but the best part was that nobody bleeping cared, the struggle was real, it was either you join the long remaining line or struggle for this one chance offer, I felt like sardine in a tin can as I made it, one rubber bud of ear piece got lost in the ensuing saga, I was glad at least that I was number twelve on the line, then the devil struck again.

“Bros shift small make I enter, please” she stood shinning that her s*xy** pure cut dentition. I stared at her wickedly hoping she saw the veins on my forehead and flinch but she kept on smiling and begging, I wondered which part of her body would fit into the non existent space, her straight nose or her thumb finger.

“Babe no space abeg” I whispered harshly, the line was even choking my voice.

“Please try Na, please just help me” she cried almost in tears. Okay she got my weakness there, with all of my strength I pushed backwards for her to squeeze in, I wondered how she managed that feat and was still breathing.

The line was super tight and competitive, it was for the strong alone, if anyone fell of the line would tightly close back like you didn’t exist and no manner of begging would aid you to get back in except you were Superman.

It began lightly, I was thinking about it, my mind was trying to blank off the tightness around me so I didn’t take the light shifting of her Buttocks to my crotch, it felt like she was adjusting but it felt like it was a tailored effort, someone adjusting would thrust back and forth and remain calm but she would roll her Buttocks around my dicck area like she was looking for something then stop like she was been watched, then continue three seconds later. I waived it off like nothing but the moment I allowed my mind to think of a possibility that she was flirting with me, my six months starved dicck went into self control auto pilot, shiiit it was building steam and straining against my boxer to find a comfortable place to nest. Nothing I didn’t think of to quieten the monster, from Obasanjo’s ugly face to the Jos riots, to all the dead bodies I’ve seen or when Manchester United lost the title to Manchester City on the last day of the premier league but my dicck was adamant, it promised to disgrace me that day for starving it for six months, muthafucking dicck didn’t know I still had eighteen months of punishment for it, it just stood there defying gravity, it had jerked my boxers to one side and was declaring it’s intentions to gain independence from my Jeans that held it in place.

To Be Continued…

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