-My One Chance Fuckscapede (18+)

Read Story: My One Chance Fuckscapede (18+)… Part 2

A Story written by Therock5555…

“She walked in front of me and slid in”

“Jesus, I was super stunned, as in, I had to remove my ear phones in surprise for two reasons”

1. She had the biggest yansh I ever saw physically, this one no be video vixen shiit, how God could dash one person that Buttocks wowed me, that was not her only selling point, she had cute moderate Bosom and a very fine face, as in finnnneee face. Her black Jean held her Buttocks in place like a jealous boyfriend that won’t let go, I wondered how the trouser manage to accommodate her large hips without tearing to shreds, she added a pink top that did her curves justice. It had a V neck so her Bosom were in fresh view too. Her make up were just perfect, it seem like she spent half of her lifetime preparing for this occasion.” Okay that’s enough.

2. Her courage stunned me, I was bleeping sure she was not in the line at all, so what gave her the gust to overtake the heavy line of students and walk to the front-my front for that matter, I wasn’t gonna take that shiit neither were the boys that had been waiting for hours on end because they had began ranting seriously, the ones with craze for head were already coming forward to tear her off. I guess the stress and struggles had robbed them of their morality, nobody was in the mood for big yansh, Kim Kardashian would have walked by, Cherokee D’Buttocks would have tweaked Unclad and no guy there for give a fucck. I would have Sha

“Guy you dey mad, why you go allow that girl enter your front, if you no wan collect teller comot dey go your father house Na” a boy cursed from behind, I figured out later that they had been screaming at her before she joined the line but I was too far gone in my Lil Wayne Carter 4 album that I did not hear them, the girl also paid no heed to their words, she was so confident as she joined the line, if I heard people shouting while she was coming, I would have blocked her off. I was so pretty pissed up but I noticed her uptight Buttocks as she joined the line but that was the least of my problem that moment, I was ready to scream, fight, kill that moment.

“Guy push that girl comot for that line or I go drag you comot o” another guy warned as barrages of insults flew towards me.

“Guys why una dey shout Na, I came together with my boyfriend, I just went home because my dad fainted” she said calmly with the best approach to pidgin English with a Queens English tone.

“Boyfriend? Where him dey?” One enraged boy screamed.

Everyone including myself turned around to find the imaginary boyfriend and then I felt a hand on my shoulder, I froze. “Blood of Zachariah, it wasn’t me, shiit it was me, I was her boyfriend” I turned back in horror and stared at her face, that beautiful face that could melt even rock, for where, my heart was not in molten magma state that moment, I was just recovering from a serious relationship breakdown that haunted me and pushed me into a self maligned celibacy program, I promised myself to go celibate for two years to punish myself for destroying a girl’s life, she committed suicide and survived barely because of how I shattered her heart, I was in love again (check the preacher’s son story in my profile to read my first love story) and I did not realize it until it was too late. I was ready to punish myself for my sins so it could have taken more than a hand on my shoulder and a cute face to melt me.

I shook her hand of my shoulder, she put it back.

“Guys Na….”

“Bros please Na, I don’t wanna go back, please help me” she whispered softly into my ears.

“Guys Na true, Na my babe” I didn’t know why I had a change of heart though, “her popsy no well, make una no vex abeg” I completed. That shut all of them mouth, some grumbled in their stomachs though, maybe out of jealousy than anger, they will be like “how this guy take get this kin hot babe Na?” I wasn’t amused either as I plugged back my ear phones, she removed one ear piece and whispered a thank you to my ear, her lips brushed my cheek lightly, I didn’t know if it was intentional so I remained quiet.

To Be Continued…

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