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Read Story: My Office, My Clients And My Career… Part 7

This is another story written by Snakie86 (08020998942)….

I met tayo in Femi’s office by 4pm to discuss hw to tackle the task ahead as we have limited time for our deliverables. We mapped out plan and agreed that it will be better to finish up within two weeks and get back to BJ so that we can have one extra week to cross check what we have done before deployment to client. In order for me to gain from their wealth of experience, i suggested if we can be working in Femi’s office for the duration of the project so that we can share ideas.
It was around after five that tolu came to open Femi’s office and realised we were still busy and told us she had close for the day and will be on her way home. We all said good night to her.
I knew inside me that i was the one she came to check up and thank God i was not available as i realized that the way things are going between us, she will choke me up and i don’t even know if we are in love or not, i don’t know her intention so i needed to free myself up and observe hw tyns are going in the office. Am new here, i need a breathing space to try and understand everybody and decide which one is best for me.
We ended our discussion around 6:30 and Femi decided to give me a lift. I checked my system and realized Tolu dropped so many messages for me on skype before going home. “till tomorrow then since i don’t even have her number and am nt ready to collect it from anybody”
I resumed to femi’s office the following day and it was a team work all through. The only avenue i had to talk to Tolu was through skype, i was wondering why she never bothered to ask for my number.
Tolu: Na wah oooo
Me:wetyn b dat?
Tolu:So, na from Femi’s office you guys go dey work for the next 3weeks
Me:Na so we see am oooo…..dem say make we dey together so that we can meet up with time
Tolu:Ohk oooo…..But atleast if we no dey see during working hour we go dey see at the close of work abi na Tayo go dey carry u home now?
Me:No ooooo
Tolu:How did u go yesterday………………
Me:Femi dropped me and i entered public transport
Tolu:are you sure abi u followed Tayo….
Me:Am sure now…….Pls lets chat later as i need to attend to guys.

If there was anytyn i love about Tayo is that she was good at the job. She knows both the technical and business aspect of the job which i noticed in her on our first day of working together. Even Femi refer to her on some certain aspect of our Job

We closed late for the day too and throughout the week. the communication between me and tolu reduced since i started my assignment with Femi and Tayo as i look for ways to try and avoid her for the main time and do discharge her whenever she beep me up wanting to chat with me.
I resumed work on Monday and BJ asked me specifically to brief everybody how far we have gone on the project….i explained in details to them and she was surprised we have gone that far…she asked us to forward all what we have done to her so she can make some amendment if need be. The meeting ended around 10am and we all stepped outside. Tolu walked up to me on my way going to Femi’s office
Me:Good Morning babygeh, you are looking sweet
Tolu: I hear u, sebi una no get our time because of project now
Me:No be so now…u no i have alot to learn and some catch up to do…I want to be like you guys now
Tolu:How come nobody in this office has your number as i wanted to call u over the weekend
Me:Nobody ke? Femi has my number as well as Tayo and Nike.
Tolu:Tayo and Nike ke? How come they have your number before me
Me:That doesn’t mean anytyn now..i guess thats hw God wanted it…..Gimme your fone lemme dial my number……….(handed over fone to me)……waoh, i love your wallpaper, is this him?
Tolu:Which one be your own…dial your number jhoor
Me:hmmmmm…..i go love oooooo
Tolu:u sef no love……………………….so, watz happening today
Me:notyn really much jare…continuation from where we stop
Tolu:am glad you are catching up so fast……..proud of you bad boi
Me:thank you Ma……we will see later in the day now……
Tolu:If una say so ooooo
Me:don’t worry, i will check u up in your office


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