-My Office, My Clients And My Career

Read Story: My Office, My Clients And My Career… Part 5

This is another story written by Snakie86 (08020998942)….

I resumed office the second day, it was a bright Tuesday
morning, it was as if nothing happened between me and tolu
yesterday and I so much love that……I still have some pending
works to attend to from the previous day and didn’t take long
before BJ buzz me up on skype
BJ:Oga, hw far…Guys are waiting for you
Me:Am still on it
BJ:we are getting behind schedule oga.
Me:Ohk Ma…..
BJ:its not about ohk Ma, I need response from you in the next
Me:Ohk Ma……….
30mins? How does she want me to do this..i just resume this
work yesterday, am just trying to learn and this woman is
pushing me as if have been here for years…There are other guys
here now that knows this assignment very well now..WHY Me? I
quickly buzz Tolu up
Me:My senior
Tolu:Yes Bad Boy……
Me:I need ur assistance pls………bj gave me 30mins as
deadline 4 dis assignment……..can u help me out?
Tolu:yes but wat will I get in return
Me:I dont understand. …….
Tolu:u have to cos one good turns deserves another…….
Me:wat do u want?
Tolu:wat happened yesterday, I want it more bt not a quickie like
Me:lolzzz. …u are not serious
Tolu:yes I am…
Me:ohk…mo ti gbo ooooo
Seems am in for a serious job with tolu…..within 5mins she told
me the solution and helped out with all what I needed which I
later forwarded to BJ….she was surprised that my adaptation
was fast but she never shows it……..she buzz me up like an
hour later to come to her office.

Went to her office, tayo and femi were already there…….she said
we will be having a conference call with one of our new client
and she want us to be there as we will be the one handling the
project from beginning to end though some other guys might
come in depending on business needs but we will be the project
At the end of the call, we arrived at scope of the project with the
client which was distributted into three for us to take each part
while she oversees all our combined effort. We work individually
and report back to him on a daily basis. The deadline was
3weeks after which we will do deployment on client site on the
fourth week making it a month project even though we might still
be doing support later on with the client. I thought to myself that I
dont want to concentrate on my own part alone as I will want to
learn 4rm tayo and femi in order to learn 4rm them…
Tolu::heard u will be on a new project
Me:yeah…….but am sure it will be easy with u beside me
Tolu:if you are ready to learn
Me:y wont I.
Tolu:better….so, what have u been up to
Me:nothing much…..waiting 4 launch so I can go and eat
Tolu: guess with other guys
Me:yes of course. What happened yesterday nyt wen u got home
Tolu:notyn really much just that I wanted to call u wen I got
home den I realized I dont av ur number
Me:even me……..
Tolu: u no u led me into what happened yesterday…………..been
a while av been in dat moment with a guy and u took advantage
of it……you are just too smart
Me:wasnt my fault actually, I couldnt control it, it was like a full
date d moment we sat at d bar
Tolu:hmmmmmmm…….I got home and I couldn’t stop thinking
abt it…….in a car? Very crazy and I guess dat wont be your first
tym of doing it there
Me:not really my first….u no guys do crazy stuffs
Tolu:hmmmmmm……..I just hope u are not a hustler
Me:lolzzz. ….nah, am not
Tolu:you are not and u bleep another geh despite u having a girl
Me:hmmmmmmmm………..hw do u no I have a gf
Tolu:and I will never believe u dont have but am not worried abt
Me:so, wat are u worried about
Tolu:dont worry but be sure u will get a close marking around
this office moreover all babes here are taken
Me:lolzzz. …..who took them and wat make u tink I will have
interest in any babe here……seriously, I dont like doing office
Tolu:wat abt d one that happened yesterday
Me:I guess God says it will happen
Tolu:and so will God say it will happen with another babe here bt
dont worry..u are marked.
“na wah ooooo, I don enter am for this office”………..If
everybody has been taken, how abt her? I guess she must have
been too as she cant be the only vacant one or she’s just saying
that to discourage me of having interest in another person.


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