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Read Story: My Office, My Clients And My Career… Part 28

This is another story written by Snakie86 (08020998942)….

She slept off on my chest holding each other, I couldn’t free
myself from her, didn’t know when I slept off beside her…I woke
up before her around 6am on Sunday, I adjusted myself from her
and went to my own room…..i came back around 10am to knock
on her door, she was fully dressed…..
Me:Good Morning Ma… are you doing this morning?
BJ:Am fine….thanks so much for yesterday
Me:Pls don’t mention Ma, hope you are alright
BJ:am fine snakie…….so, where are we
I started explaining everytyn to her one after the other, how I
arrived at the solution, all what I did and the testing…she was so
happy, she included her own observation and everytyn on it..It
was a perfect delivery for the day and both of us were happy and
she started calling other guys on the field about our discovery
and solution…”Snakie, you are now the boss” she said…Thank
you Ma all praise belong to you for giving me the opportunity to
learn under u ma, thanks for your guidance and trust in me.
The following week was for testing and testing but I kept on
thinking why a man will be torturing his family with emotional
trauma like that..BJ situation made me vowed never to stay
away from my family irrespective of the kind of job am
doing..dont just know what was wrong with her husband as he
has all the resources to always come to naija if he so wish..he
has all the money and even BJ can pay for his trip.
Our the week after work, me and BJ will talk about work and
family and she was amazed on my wealth of experience in family
matters even though I don’t have one yet. I got a hint that Friday
was BJ’s birthday, I sent her a text very early on that Friday to
wish her happy birthday and a card was the first thing I gave to
her that morning, she appreciated it and was so happy..we got to
work from our hotel and during the course of work in the office I
sent her a message in the morning that I will love to hang out
with her to celebrate her birthday for her around 10am..she
ignored my message and never responded.
It was around 4pm when I received a message on my phone
saying “what time and Venue”…I was happy……I responded “8pm
in a cool and serene environment”……….
We left work early and presented her with a nice gown, I find out
where a nice bar is in Abuja and I got so many places…it was
around 9pm when she told me she was ready, BJ was looking
astonishing, you will think she was under 25 in the outfit…we
took the hotel cab and I ask him to take us to the Bank lounge in
Aminu kano crescent wuse 2…we entered and told the guy we
will call him later to come and pick us…BJ was shy at the initial
stage but she later composed was playing and
everytyn was going on fine…I already told them in the bar that
someone’s birthday was the day and will love to make an
announcement later when the house is full……..
The lounge was filled up around after 10 and dj stopped the
music and I collected mic from him after announcing that there’s
someone celebrating her birthday in the lounge…..”am so sorry
for cutting the fun in the house, pls pardon me for just two minute
to wish the most beautiful lady i ever set my eyes on in this life,
this lady is amazing, wonderful, strong, she’s an epitome of
beauty, everytyn a man will ever desire in a woman, a caring
mother, a lovely soul to be with, a motivator, a leader with good
character, a lady that means so much to me……BJ, its your
birthday today and I pray we witness so much of it on this earth,
pls I want everybody to help me wish an epitome of beauty a
happy birthday by singing after the count of three…1….2…..3”
happy birthday to you……
Everybody sings and BJ was blushing and smiling, she couldn’t
raise her head up as she just rested on my chest and brought
down her head…..she hugged me very tight and started
whispering to my ear “thank you so much, thank you so much
snakie, thankz for being a wonderful friend”..and she started
crying…”.thank u snakie”, “dont mention ma” evrybody was like
hey yah…hey yah……….happy birthday, happy birthday,
everybody started greeting her as I wiped her face with my
handkerchief……….we dig it till around after two in the mid night
and we got a cab in the lounge to take us back to the
hotel……………………….we were both filled up with drinks and all sort
before leaving for the hotel
Sheygey Danborouba
If you no dig BJ’s well make I turn to Bance.
Seriously, a man should always be around to take care of his
family. It’s not all about money, women love Epon more than all
the money of this world. No baggar shall touch my wifey cos I’ll
make sure I’m always around to supply her the Oyel.
Na wah oooooo. What an interesting story.
Kontinue o jarey. Snakey, Omo Oro L’egbe Church.


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